More info on U.S. C&R import ban

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    This is in reply to an email I sent to the owner of Sarco who is fighting with the US State Dept. to allow the reimportation of U.S. C&R firearms. I have already written my congressman & senators, but this email says who should be contacted at the State Dept.

    Thank you very much for your e-mail of November 18th.

    I wish to apologize for my delay in responding to you, but I am out and about a lot and sometimes my correspondence gets backed up.

    This matter of the importation of U.S. C&R's has mostly to do with the State Department, as it is their interpretation of the regulations that prohibited the importation of the U.S. collectors items.

    This was largely due to the push by the Clinton administration to close any avenue of firearms commerce and the U.S. goods was a matter that he could do administratively through his control in the State

    If you have contact with and the support of your local congressman regarding the situation and you could get him to communicate with Undersecretary Bolton who is the man who will ultimately make the decision in this matter certainly his support would be appreciated, particularly if he is a Democrat.

    Thanks for your interest and again I am sorry for the delay in responding to you.




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