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    Here are more of my tours of Vietnam

    1. Perimeter guards---Feb 69
    2. Buddy in NVA hammock that he found in NVA bunker up on Mutters Ridge--May 69
    3. Myself and two buddies up near the Laostion border in Mar 69
    4. Con Thien Combat base--June 69

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    Hey G/W, your #4 photo shows Con Thein....I had a buddy KIA'd up there in 67..Donnie Barnes was his E-8 Crew Chief building bunkers for the Marines..Our camp there in Dong Ha was named after him...right next to Delta Med...Donnie and I were E-3's together down in the Philippines in the early 50's building the Cubi Point Naval Air Station at Subic Bay..Donnie was a Heavy Equipment Operator...If you want to look in on Con Thein, go to google and pull up: CONE OF FIRE AT CON THEIN... Never really sure if the 'i' comes before the 'e'---oh, what the hell....! Did you know Con Thein meant, PLACE OF THE ANGELS or something like that? Chief

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    Thanks again for sharing with us!
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