More WWII trivia....(reprise)

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    Reply More WWII trivia....(reprise)
    1. What exactly was an M6 GMC "Fargo" ?

    2. (A)What was the official number designation of the US "Americal" Division?

    (B) How did it get it's name?

    3. What was a "Wirraway?"

    4. Name at least two weapons or weapons systems PRODUCED and USED by BOTH the Axis and Allies during the war.
    (EXTRA CREDIT if you name more than two, and extra credit if ut was built and adopted by more than 3 countries BEFORE WWII. Captured or LendLease does NOT count!)

    5. TRUE or FALSE Nazi aircraft flew a recon mission over New York City in late WWII in preparation for long range bombing missions.

    6. TRUE or FALSE Axis aircraft bombed the mainland US in WWII.

    7. Why did the M1, M1A1, and M9 "Bazookas" have 2.36" 'bores?'

    8. In September 1939, the Romanian Army was ranked 16th strongest (numbers and quality) in the world. What ranking was the U.S. Army?

    EXTRA CREDIT: Which Army had the world's #1 rated Cavalry in Sept 1939?

    9. (A)Which Country(s), if any, in 1939 had fully mechanized armies?(No Horse-drawn Artillery, or supply wagons in the TOE?)

    (B)Which Armies were fully mechanized by VE DAY?

    10. TRUE OR FALSE At the end of WWII in Europe, there were more horsed cavalry soldiers and units in service than at any time in the History of warfare, and they were very effective and useful weapons up to and beyond the end of the war.

    HINT: SOME answers to these questions MAY be found in other threads in this section....

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    Reply Re: More WWII trivia....(reprise)

    My mind went into overload, Polish!!!

    #4 - Browning Hi-Power 9mm semi-auto.

    #5 - True

    #6 - True (Japanese)

    #8 - Extra Credit - Poland

    #9 - Italian

    #9b-US, British, Japanese
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    Re: More WWII trivia....(reprise)
    #1 was it the Gamma Goat?
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    Reply Re: More WWII trivia....(reprise)
    #2A.....23rd Infantry Division

    #2B.....'Cause it was made up (mostly) of soldiers from the PRK.

    #3.....An Aussie fighter (sort of), based on the AT-6.

    #4.....VIS (aka Radom) 9mm pistol, Browing (and Inglis)M35 Hi-Power, 40mm Bofors (Japs built them under license too), Norwegian (Colt) M1914.

    #6....True.....but only if you consider a weather balloon to be an aircraft. The Japs released weather balloons with incindiary devices over the U.S. They started a few forest fires in the Pacific Northwest.

    #7.....So they could use the warhead from a 60mm mortar round.

    "EXTRA CREDIT: Which Army had the world's #1 rated Cavalry in Sept 1939?"

    Duke......but they lost to Southern Cal. in the Rose Bowl.

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    Reply Re: More WWII trivia....(reprise)
    Pretty good guys, there were a few trick questions...and actually X some Nip seaplanes from subs did try to firebomb the redwood forests but nobody noticed...

    I was really surprised that I could find the Fargo on Google...even I didn't know about it until I got a book on US TDs a couple of years ago, now I read references to them all the time, even saw a picture of a Free French unit crossing the Rhine with them into Germany in 44 or 45! There was even on Google last night some modeling sight where the guy just put together his Tamiya kit of one!!! The neat thing is that many units issued Fargos pulled the 37mm from them and turned them back into weapons carriers...there are pictures of depots with them in their armored mounts laying around in North Africa...I WONDER if that's where the PT boats got theirs in the Solomons for "barge-bopping..." I think some Fargos may have been sent there with Army units in 43....And books I've read on PTs talk of them finding 37s "lying around" that the Army didn't want that the Navy stole to give them more firepower...Could be???

    The Americal was the only American Division in WWII that did NOT have an assigned Number! (REAL Trivia... ) It was made up of three National Guard Regiments originally sent seperately to defend New Caledonia from possible Japanese attacks during the confusing days before Coral Sea and Midway when we really didn't know where they would attack...they were joined into the Ameri(can) Cal(edonia) Division and parts of it was the first US Army Troops sent to shore up the 1stMardiv on the 'canal...(And probably the only dogface unit you MIGHT get a Marine to say was worth a crap...they LISTENED to what the Marines told them about fighting in the Jungle, plus they had all those neat M1s the Gyrenes could steal or trade "homemade" souvenir Jap flags for...)

    Let's see...good call on the Wirraway...lend lease AT-6 Harvards set up as light attack planes, and actually classified as "Fighters" by the Aussies...used in New Guinea/Port Moresby...

    Yep, the Bofors 40mm, the Rheinmetal 37mm AT gun was used by just about everybody, the 81mm Brandt mortar was too, I forgot the High Power, GOOD call, but NORWEGIANS and the Colt? They weren't Axis, were they? Wasn't the Oerlikon used by the Nazis too? The Germans used a LMG the Bren was designed from, too, right? There had to be others...

    Close with the Bazooka...the Bazooka was developed before there was any worthwhile warhead for it...just so happened the US Army had adopted the M10 AT rifle grenade that was like the most effective rifle grenade developed by anybody during the war, but they rushed it into production before they found out it was too heavy and shattered the stocks of any rifle when fired...the Army had like tens of thousands stored at Aberdeen with no use for them at the same time Uhl and Skinner were putzing around with their rocket launcher a few months before we invaded North Africa and had NO Infantry AT capability...and they stumbled on just happened to be 2.36" in diameter...and it worked when they put their rocket on the end of it...

    Yeah, Poland was the self-gratuitous answer to the cavalry question...but mechanized? The only TRULY completely mechanized army in 39 was the US Army, even if it had one last cavalry unit in service until '41...

    ...and in EVERY Army that used draft horses for supply or to pull artillery in 1939 still had them in '45 to some extent or the answer in 1945 is still...only the US!

    In 1939, the US Army was rated 17th....just behind Romania in combat power...THAT surprises a lot of people...just this New Years eve I had to use that fact in an argument with my good, but historically ignorant (and drunk!) buddy who claimed FDR knew about Hitler and the Jews in the camps in '39 but "Didn't do anything about it because he didn't care about them until the public complained(!)" (Far be it from me to DEFEND FDR, but what the hell COULD he do in '39?) (and even if Hitler really didn't start wholesale killing of the Jews in the camps until 41-42 either... )

    Did I cover them all?

    OK. whose turn is it?

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    Reply Re: More WWII trivia....(reprise)
    Polish.....Re: the Norwegian M1914. The Norwegians adopted the M1911 as their official service sidearm as the Model 1912 11.25mm and later, the M1911A1 as (for some obscure reason) the M1914. They had obtained the license to build them from FN (which owned the rights for European manufacture). FN asked Colt's to set up their machinery and production line in Norway (which they did) and the pistols were produced until the mid-30s.

    When the Nazis occupied Norway, they restarted production and the weapons were issued as a secondary Nazi sidearm for the occupation troops.

    From the Blue Book:

    "Nazi production of the M1914 began in 1941. Between 1941-42, approx. 7,000 pistols were mfg. without Waffenamt stampings. Nazi proofed guns (all 1945 dated) began in the mid-29,000 serial range, and 920 were mfg. with the Nazi Eagle."

    The Aussies also used the AT-6 as a basis for a single-seat fighter.... the CAC (Commonwealth Aircraft Corp.) Boomerang.

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