Mosque Protest to be held at Civic Park, King St., Newcastle, Australia

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    Jan 11, 2010
    A copy of my latest effort now posted everywhere i could , if you frequent anywhere online where Australians may see this please repost !! Thank you !!

    This is a call to action! Concerned Novocastrians will hold a protest against the proposed Saudi funded Elermore Vale mosque on Friday, 3rd December, starting from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. We urge you to inform your friends, residents and family to come and join us in opposing the proposed mega mosque at Elermore Vale. It is important we send a loud and clear message to NCC that this proposed mosque is not wanted in Elermore Vale.

    The Newcastle Muslim Association submitted their mosque DA to Newcastle City Council last September. Newcastle City Council is currently assessing the mosque DA before submission to the Joint Regional Planning Panel in January 2011. The exhibition period for objections is now closed however we still have a window of opportunity while Council is still assessing the mosque development application.

    Last March the NMA announced their intention to purchase land at 158A & 164 Croudace Rd., Elermore Vale. This large parcel of land consisting of over 8300m2 cost $1.3 million. The mosque construction is predicted to cost $6.6 million. The proposed mosque will be able to accommodate over 300 worshippers at any one time for five daily prays. There is also a funeral home and an Iman’s residence included in the plans.

    The Newcastle Muslim Association says, “When the mosque will be built, it will cater for religious needs of thousands of Muslims living in the Hunter region”. There is little doubt that having a mosque in the area will encourage more Muslims to move here. There have already been reports from other suburbs stating that extremist Muslims have been harassing and targeting non-Muslims in areas where Muslims predominate.

    The residents of Elermore Vale overwhelmingly do not support the mosque proposal but it seems there are voices within Newcastle City Council who do, so who should the Council listen to?

    The window of opportunity exists for one day only to protest against the proposal to build a mega mosque in Elermore Vale. Come and support the residents of Elermore Vale in their campaign to stop the mosque. Bring your flags and placards to show NCC we do not want this mega mosque in Elermore Vale. Hope to see you at Civic Park, Newcastle on 3rd December from 12pm to 2pm. Your country needs you!
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