Mossberg 44US .22 trainer

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    Last night when I got home from a long day of work, I found a slip in my mailbox saying I missed a delivery. Ah ha! I knew what this was!

    This AM, I hightailed it to the post office before work and signed for my new goodie: A Mossberg M44 trainer!

    I've been hunting one of these for awhile since the CMP sold out (I qualified two weeks too late, as it turns out!). Unfortunately, since CMP no longer sells these, the vendors who had them at local gun shows must think they've turned to gold. $300+ is the rule rather than the exception here. Not a bad profit for a gun that cost 'em $75, eh?

    Anyway, a friend of mine from this very board, who shall remain nameless, unless he's like to share and to whom I'm eternally grateful

    , kindly offered me one of these rifles at a decent price. I jumped at it like Clinton after an intern!

    Anyway, it made a surprisingly fast trip through the US postal system, and I'm quite impressed.
    It's parked, with a good looking stock. It has the Mossberg rear sight. What am I telling you for...I can show you!

    I think I'm gonna like this one!
    These are just some quick pix...I'll take better ones in the daylight.


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    Neat baby, PB.

    You know, back in the late '40's and 50's Mossys were considered cheapies.....much less desireable than Winchester or Remington .22s. However, over time, they've seemed to hold up very well.

    I guess back then, we just didn't appreciate what a bargain they were.

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    Neat little gun.

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    Pit, I kike them rifles...a lot!...