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(3/13/02 12:05:28 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All Most important event/turning point in history
If you could pick just one event as the most important, what would it be? For me, I'd have to pick when a chauffer made a wrong turn.

1914. Serbia. Gabrielle Prinzip has been picked, along with a group of other revolutionaries, to shoot the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Prinzip has a rather nasty case of tuberculosis and misses his appointed rendevous with the motorcade. Hacking away in a back alley, feeling dejected, he is amazed to see the motorcade round the corner and come towards him; the driver had made a wrong turn. He shoots, killing Ferdinand. Austria demands an investigation. Serbia resists, and Russia comes to defend Serbian sovreignty. Austria gets a guarantee of support from Germany, and when Russia and Austria declare war over the Serbian incident, Germany also declares war on Russia.

France declares war as per her pre war agreements. Britiain is also obliged to do the same, but hesitates. But when Germany invades neutral Belgium en route to smash the French, her mind is made up and she enters the war.

After four years, Germany was defeated and the monarchy in Germany fell. A fragile democracy is established, but with rampant inflation, starvation, privation, and resentment, the way was paved for the extremist Nazi party to come to power. One promise: the injustice of WW1 would be reversed. Also worth noting is that the war bankrupted Britain and France, leading to the collapse of their colonies, perhaps prematurely.

And so round two started. After millions died, the second world war, the bloodiest conflict ever, was over. The ground was set for a clash between the two superpowers, the US and the USSR. Fortunately, it didn't come. But for half a century, both sides sat with their fingers on the trigger, ready to blow up the world.

Imagine; both world wars may not have occurred, a hundred million people wouldn't have died, atomic power, jet technology, medical advances, and so on may not have come to the forefront, had that chauffer just not made a wrong turn.

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(3/13/02 10:30:27 am)
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Interesting, but you have to look at the whole state of European afairs from the late 1800s on...Nationalism coupled with Militarism run rampant...the culmination of the Demographic, Industrial, Scientific, Orginizational, etc etc "Revolutions," the "Butcher's Block" alliances, a point could be made that the "spark" was irrelevant...there WAS going to be a "military solution" sooner or later...

And EVERYONE was hoping it would be "sooner" to get it over with, ESPECIALLY since "their" military was superior to anyone, and would "end it" in WEEKS....

The Czar sneezing on a State visit to Austria could have accomplished the same thing....

What's interesting is the "war" in Serbia had been on since actually WHEN did WWI start???

And interestingly, that was NOT the first attempt on his life, even that DAY...Princip was a backup...the REAL plan was to get him with a bomb thrown from the crowd...which happened...earlier in the day..but the bomb missed, exploded harmlessly on the street after bouncing off the rear quarterpanel....and the stupid arrogant Austrian @sshole WITH HIS WIFE with him continues the an open touring car, waving to the "adoring" crowds (actually, the thought of "invincilble, "Divine Succession," "Divine Protection," and all that was going through Ferdinands little mind...)....pretty tough crowd if you ask me...

I go back a little farther...say the 1200s or so...

Jan Sobieski and the "alliances" of Northern and Eastern Europe don't stop the Turks at the Danube in Vienna, and there is NO "Western Civilization..." as we know it...

And possibly, no 9-11-01, since we ALL would be bowing to Mecca 5 times a day....
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(3/13/02 10:54:46 am)
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(3/13/02 4:26:48 pm)
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The discovery of fire.

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(3/13/02 8:06:00 pm)
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When Eve ate that danged apple.
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(3/14/02 6:30:24 am)
Reply | Edit | Del Easter 2000 or so years ago
Easter morning about 33 A.D. Jesus rose from the dead.

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(3/14/02 1:44:35 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del August 6, 1945
If the bomb wasn't dropped on Japan, how many of us wouldn't be here right now. Many of our fathers surely would have been killed invading the Japanese mainland. I know my dad is glad what happened that day.

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(3/15/02 11:18:01 am)
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Julius Ceasar bringing his legions into Rome

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(3/15/02 3:28:53 pm)
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Dick Tracy arrested a Capital Criminal in tha rest room of YANKEE STADIUM!

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