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    Most Memorable...
    What is your most memorable person, place, and/or thing from your service in VN?

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    Tom Rundles & SGM Schagman.......

    Tom served in VA, Panama and the SVN with me... the only person to "go the course" with me... all others were sent everywere else...

    SGM Schagman.... ramrodded our outfit (265th rru, 101AB)... he was an old WWII OSS and Korea SF guy... too old to be in the SF in SVN but savy in the ways of individual combat......

    this guy could hear someone in the wire at two hundred yards and I NEVER saw him miss what he shot at (one shot, never many)!!!!

    Actually nailed a RPG guy at 400-480 yards out with one shot... FREEHAND!!!!!! didn't even aim... as the guy jumped by the SGM "snap-shooted" him and the guy dropped..... then his rocket goes off and really RUINS the day of several of his friends!!!!! (we still had M14's then)

    never saw anything like it.....if it was all frikkin' luck... then the SGM had STYLE!!!!


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    I guess what I think about most besides the usual stuff is how young we were. Most of us were very early 20's and there were several 18 and 19 year old guys fresh out of high school. Our Commander, XO, and platoon leaders were either late 20's or early 30's. Used to think they were old guys. We spent our free time talking about all the grab ass we used to do do in high school and our friends who were either in college or working.....and here we were getting our asses shot at on a daily basis. It was a rude awakening I guess in a pretty rude situation. I wonder what has happened to those who made it. We're going to have a mini reunion the end of June this year at Fort Rucker, Alabama. It'll be the first time I've seen anyone from my company in 33 years.

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    Sounds great Dave!,hope everything comes off well.

    The most memorable experience was the day some of us were sent to Vinh Long on a supply run from Sa Dec.I was brand spankin new(maybe a week,two the longest)and it was my first trek off the compound.Jack and I hopped in the back of the Deuce and Charlie Johnson and this other guy who's name I can't remember sat up in the cab and one of them drove.I remember it was nice out and we enjoyed the ride and shot the stuff getting to know one another better and stuff.

    Jack had repeatedly offered me some tote on the joint he lit up and I kept refusing.I was chided and told not to worry but I figured no way,as a matter of fact I had even brought a couple of 26's...remember getting ribbed for that too.I was nervous and even more with those three passing a couple of joints around.Took especially hard jabs from Johnson...a first class guy with a chip against whitey.Well.all the worry was for nought as it was uneventful,loaded the supplies and headed back after some chow.

    The return trek had Jack up front and Johnson in the back with me much to my displeasure...we didn't hit it off from the was his attitude.They all fire up some joints and again the bantering as I refused and again a notch higher from Johnson,Ragging on me for my full bandolier and frags and being so worried.Piss on you!,I ain't getting caught naked by Charlie!,I'm thinking and told em only drew laughter.

    Well after awhile the Deuce pulls over to the edge of the road sorta and Johnson grabs his 16 and starts shouting Get him! Cap his ass! Well I slide over next to him and peek over the sides and start scanning for VC out thru the paddy,when suddenly I remember that if someone has this line of fire I was to have the opposite,so I remember I rolled over to get to the other side of the Deuce and started scanning back and forth over the paddy on this side.

    Tap! Tap! Tap!,Johnson's letting go! I can hear the doors open and I knew Jack and the other guy were getting out.I can't fix em! I can't fix em!,I was shoutin.More firing from Johnson and I could hear Jack and the other guy firing now.Tap! Tap! Tap!...Rock and Roll bursts. Where! Where!,I'm yelling.I hear laughing and firing...I sneek a peek and the damn fool Johnson is standing...I'm thinking Get Down! Get Down!...My God,I'm going to die! No radio to call for help! No one knows we're out here and we're getting hit! They're Whacked and I'm going to die out here.I tell you guys I was scared...beaucoup scared.

    Laughter and Bust him again! and more laughter...well it suddenly dawned on me...NO VC!,so I turn around and here they are bustin this water buffalo all to hell.I couldn't F'n believe it! Here I was dead in the back of a Deuce out in the middle of nowhere with three smoked up jerks just seconds before.Thankful now to be alive but pissed as all hell.I went off screaming at them Are you guys Nuts! What the... so on and so on.

    After cussin them up one side and down another,I finally turned my attention to the water was terrible guys,it moaned and stumbled about and I remember it falling three times and rising before it fell for the last time...twitching on the ground...blood everywhere and several fountains of blood similar to a water cooler stream.It was a terrible site.

    When the old papasan came running over wailing that really made me ashamed and the lowest I think I've ever felt in my life.I never heard any one wail...cry,but not was terrible.He was just an ordinary old papasan on an ordinary day.I still see and hear that buffalo and that ole papasan today...I hate it! I realize this isn't much in the way of awful things that occur in the Nam,and I can't explain why it troubles me so much.It just does.Maybe it speaks to war and the ugly it brings from and to people.Not trying to sound lofty...just stating how mean and ugly war is.

    Jack tried to brush it off by saying the old man will get reinbursed...even used the phrase "Ain't nothin,don't mean a thing",the very first time I ever heard it and would eventually say it myself a thousand times.

    A month or so later I believe it was they busted Johnson for drugs(skag I believe?) and halled him off to LBJ.I aalways felt differently about Jack from then on.

    Don't know if the old papasan ever got reimbursed.But I know this...if he wasn't a VC sympathizer before this...he was a VC supporter afterwards.That water buffalo was his life!,everything depended on it.

    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    Re: Most Memorable...

    I can understand why there were incidents of GI's
    shooting/fragging other GI's in Nam, I probably
    would have shot those assholes myself for that.