Most over rated weapon.

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    I think the most over rated weapon of all time is the German 88 mm anti-aircraft gun. Some give it an almost mythic power as a triple threat weapon, anti-air, anti-tank, and anti- personnel.

    It was a very good anti-aircraft weapon. Maybe the best medium anti-air gun of the war.

    As a anti-tank weapon it was a savior to the Germans early in the war when there standard anti-tank gun was a wimpy 37mm and they meet very heavily armored British and French tanks, it was all they had that would work. But...
    1. It was not mobile enough to be an anti-tank gun. Once you fired the enemy knew where you are, and would direct every weapon they had at you, the 88 mm was not designed to "shoot and scoot". This would not be as big a deal in the open desert where the Germans could pick off tanks with shorter range main guns at a distance, but in areas like NW Europe with rolling hills and woods and buildings for cover combat distances were much shorter. If a 88 fired on one tank, the rest of the platoon and supporting infantry would open up on them. Even in the desert once they fired the supporting U.S. and U.K. artillery would open up on them.
    2. It's siloute was to high for an anti-tank gun. Cover and concealment are vital for anti-tank guns, a big gun like the 88 is hard to hide.
    3. It was too much gun for the job. The Germans had purpose built 75mm anti-tank guns that could penetrate any U.S. UK or commie tank at about the same range as the 88. The penalty for "too much gun" is size and weight that made it hard to hide and move.

    As an anti-personnel weapon it would be second class to any field gun.
    1. A 105mm howitzer would throw a much heavier shell.
    2. A 105mm howitzer was much easier to move around.
    3. A 105mm howitzer or any heavy mortar is much better for the crew serving it. They fire in the indirect mode, and thus are immune to direct fire weapons unless the other side gets into your rear areas.
    In Normandy and other battles that became static, the majority of US casualties were caused mortars.

    The 88mm did a great job in it's intended role as a AA gun. It was smart of the Germans to use it as a anti-tank and anti-personnel weapon when nothing else was available. But there were weapons on both sides better suited for the last two roles.

    They say that many GIs in Europe thought every German gun was a 88, and every tank was a Tiger. This would probably account for much of the 88's legend.

    (please forgive any run on sentences and spelling errors)

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    I would imagine the huge railway siege cannons the germans developed to fling monsterous shells at Paris and Sevestapol were right up there with dumb weapons. For all the effort, manpower requirements and logistics to shoot one of the durn'd things, they sure didn't produce much results.
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    History Channel had a program about those monster guns. They said it took around 10,000 men to man and supply the biggest gun they had. That is an incredible number of people.

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    You might want to take a close look at the battleship also. For the amount of resources invested...return seems pretty minimal unless you were shelling hostile islands in the pacific. They were pretty big targets for subs and planes.
    Think what might have happened if the japanese had caught the carriers at pearl harbor....and the battlewagons had been out on on an exercise.
    I will say however that they make a big bang and a boom. Remember when Reagan sent the New Jersey out in the Middle East and shelled those terrorists off Beirut. They couldn't do anything but bend over and kiss their a** goodbye.
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    Back to the monster guns....didn't Saddam Hussein try and build a couple of those monster cannon to shell Israel with back in the 80's??? regards swede
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    yep, Saddam was in the process of building one (I think we captured it) and the Israeli secret police assinated the designer, Dr. Bull in Paris I believe

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    I'd say the V1 & V2. Both were highly innacurate and caused no threat militarily. For all the resources put into them, they did little real damage to the allies.

    The V1, at least, posed a psychological threat, waiting for the engine to stop and the bang to come.....the V2, not even that.

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    Right on about the 88, 17th. EVERY GI claims to have been under fire from "88s" no matter if it was 105s, 150s, or anything else...

    Pretty smart of the Germans though, to fit dual purpose sights and train AA troops to fire at ground targets...actually, I think our 90mm MAY have been a better medium AA gun, and potentially a better AT gun too...

    A funny thing is that the Brits had a pretty decent "88" too...that doubled as a decent AT gun, especially in the desert...the 25 Pounder Howitzer was actually 88mm too...

    Disagree about the BBs Swede, we had a thread about it awhile back. There were more BB vs BB battles in WWII, than carrier vs. carrier, they did a FINE job in fire support on amphibious landings, and even until the end of the war, figured into all naval planning on both sides. A couple of times, with better admirals with more stones, BBs COULD have gotten in among the carriers, or the support ships, and really shown their stuff.

    Most worthless? The 25mm German Kampfpistole AT gun with the 5 oz hollow charge round based on a flare about optimism.

    Followed by the remote controlled mini tanks...
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