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Muley Buck Fight

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Neat video, Would not have believe it if I had not seen it on video.
In forty years of Mule and white tail hunting I have never seen anything like that. Awesome Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While hunting in Eastern Washington near the town of Twisp. I was able to see a small 3X3 Whitetail buck knock a fork horn Mule deer off the back of a mule deer doe. The mule deer buck let the whitetail breed the doe without any further fight. The mule deer was larger in body size but the white tail had more fight in him I guess. Bad mistake for the whitetail as he was the one that ended up in my freezer. :eek: But that was nothing compared to this video.
Cool video. Can't believe you could restrain your self so well. Way to go.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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