Muslim Capitol of the United States

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    Remote Utah desert, separated from Oblivion by a s
    Subsitute "Muslims" with Jews, Darkies, Bohunks, Limeys, Chinks, Gooks, Paddies, Scandihoovians, Fishheads, Mackerel-Snappers or any other derogatory term for a peoples and see how it reads.
    Bet YOUR god is proud of you, huh?
    I subscribe to no organized religion because they're rife with hate, intolerance, arrogance, pettiness, ignorance and xenophobia. They may not have begun that way, but in short order they were transformed into that by power-hungry leaders.
    I wonder how Jesus, Bhudda or Yahweh would view your comments.
    Bunch of hypocrites -- yet I'll bet many of you attend church or synagogue regularly, and piously speak of the love of your deity and fellow man.
    You should remember that when you point a finger --- three fingers are pointed back at yourself.
    "Judge not, lest you be judged," was uttered 2,000 years ago or more.
    Obviously, it still hasn't stuck.
    Fine examples of defenders of the First Amendment some of you are!
    You'd have made fine Blackshirts in the 3rd Reich.
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    Blackshirts, really? They were government employees.

    Do you have a point or just want to pontificate?:rolleyes:
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    Never said I was going to heaven & according to my religion the last time there was a perfect human being he was nailed to a cross. So my god paid for my sins.
    Third Reich - Really. Listen you Ignorant little man the last time I check that organization was responsible for the genocide of millions of people, so why don't you get your A$$ back under that bridge of yours, Cuz A - your either a Muslim who celebrated last week the deaths of over 3,000 people or 2- You Voted For Obama!

    Oh and I got a FINGER for ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jan 11, 2010

    you can say what you wish , but real this

    then go to

    and i have seen how it works first hand in the former Yugoslavia , Chechenya, east timor

    i've seen them in the UK and my own home , Australia, and the sharia world of afghanistan , me , myself

    i've also trained to hunt down "Christian" terrorists , back when we had a militant IRA

    sorry to the Irish folks , but thats the truth , Australia as a Commonwealth ( British) Ally , hunted militarist IRA members, killers .

    wrong is wrong

    Islam teaches to play a sneaky war when needed

    read it for yourself ,before you say it aint so

    they wish to kill Christian's jews and Hindu's badly in many cases , many dont care , but if called and put on the spot , they'll help , pay money , hide weapons , hide people, whatever a cleric asks they'll do

    without this cultural doctrine and the pressure from the clerics most would not be like it

    but where the hard core folks propagate , get root , teach the hate , stir up people get a group of other hard cores and dominate the local muslims who fear NOT TO OBEY as thats the terue meaning of islam , it means to serve , but not just any service..

    this is service without say or question , it is as a slave ...

    thats the true meaning of the name Islam ..

    read for your self

    i have debated these guys often

    ]want to see my youtube channel ?

    i'll show you the folks i was up against

    but they hats atheists most of all ,agnostics next

    they are the "god less" and have a greater treat in store for them

    but read for yourself, learn and becojme a expert on their faith and cultural structure , as its not just a religion, its a doctrine of manipulation , agression, dominance , extermination and adoptions of technology and rewriting history and shouting down or lying about anyone who objects

    honestly ..

    find out for yourself mate before its too late

    i know its bad to "hate" as you think we do

    but was not nazism evil and act in a manner that had to be stopped for the greater good of all ???

    Islam and its structure , the "sharia "

    is just such a ideology but with full details on how to win no matter what , lying , playing victim, screaming racism , its all there ..

    but do find out for yourself as to argue for islam to defend it , shows you have not ...

    this is not paranoia in any way , this is nasty like you obviously dont realise

    so i invite you to read the whole koran , see how early on its abou peace and acceptance and later its all about war and jihad and sharing booity and slavery and later, caliphate

    and understand unlike the Christian Bible that does contradict itself in many ways if you look at that,

    the Koran "abrogates " meaning anthing later in the book overwrites what was written before

    so acceptance is gone by sura 4 , about 1/2 way ..

    the kaffur ( non muslims but who beleive in one of the faiths of "the koran" Christian jews hindu's etc )

    have a option to convert , surrender as a nation or state and pay jizya, ( extortion for "security " ) or die

    unbelievers must die or be sold as slaves within 3 moons , that is not hard core

    thats law .. in islam

    Folks , , i mean everyone ,

    people will have different veiws , i tottaly disagree with some things , but , we are a community , think of this place as a club house bar , different tables chatting about different things , but all the same club ,

    no need to get personal or we ( The Moderators , ) Will boot your backside off for a chill out , so disagree but be cool folks ..
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  5. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    oh and Gatofeo

    i put this together with you in mind , its bits and pieces from all over

    i'm practising ;)

    i've just uploaded it to youtube

    it'd be great if you would give me your side afterwards

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    I found some 1200 count sheets at a local gun show. Price was right and WOW!!!
  7. Popgunner

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    Very informative Jack.
    While watching the youtube videos I noticed an ad came up in the sidebar for "" a dating website I guess. I read couple of personals & they said they wanted to follow strictly in the muslim faith & how devoted they were & how their prospective spouse should be but how they were only interested in contacting those who were already in the USA.
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