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(12/21/02 10:50:06 pm)
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I'm wondering if there is a way to calculate muzzle velocity. The manual I have "modern reloading" is only showing maximum I think.

specifically I'm reloading .243 using 100g Hornady interlock and IMR4831 powder. it's showing a starting grains of 41.2g with a max of 64g. the only velocity it shows is 3010 with a pressure of 51800.

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(12/21/02 11:42:18 pm)
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Hope you will enjoy your visit and that you will stick around and join in some of the other discussion forum here on the board.

The Hodgdon #27 manual lists 46.0 Grains Maximumof IMR4831 powder with a 100 gr Hornady BTSP, at 3010 fps and 51,800 CUP.

Nosler 5th Edition shows a starting load of 38.0 gr of IMR4831 at 2729 fps and a maximum load of 42.0 gr. for a mv of 2931 fps.

Speer #13 manual lists 36.0 gr starting at 2492 fps and a maximum of 40.0 gr at 2688 fps.

Hornady 5th Edition has 35.0 gr starting load at 2500 fps and a maximum load of 42.5 gr at 3000 fps.

As you can see, there's quite a bit of difference between the manuals as far as recommended loads - this is because of different testing equipment used, component lots and combinations. My best advice is to start with the lowest starting load (35.0 gr) and work up in increments of a couple grains at a time to establish the maximum load you're comfortable with after visually examining cartridge characteristics and action manupliation efforts.

USUALLY, the accuracy point is reached just slightly below maximum listings, or so I've always found.
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(12/22/02 12:06:17 am)
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ok Looks like the load data in the manual is ok then. Just lacks the starting velocity.

hmm looks like I need a better manual Mostly I was wanting it for a balistics program I'm running. So I could figure my fall off point.

Anyway thanks for the warm welcome and I'm sure Ill be sticking around. I'm new to reloading and will have lots of questions.

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(12/22/02 10:38:56 am)
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Hi DonS....and Welcome to TFF.

Hope you'll stick around and visit all of our forums.

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(12/22/02 12:17:04 pm)
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Re: muzzle velocity
Hi Don.

The starting velocity would be the muzzle velocity.
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