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My ammo arrived!!

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and now I am broke (not really, but it was pricey :eek:).

I really have to start reloading. 44 and 357 mag ammo prices are killing my pocket.

{all are 50 round boxes except for the Speer Gold Dot 357 and Hornady Critical Defense 44 SPL}

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Very nice, reloading would definitely help you. I doubt you would ever find less money going into the hobby, but you would more than likely be able to produce twice as much ammunition for the price you paid for the factory ammunition of those large calibers. Have fun!
On the plus side if you start reloading it looks like you will have a plentiful supply of once fired brass, once you shoot through all your new stuff. :)
yep.. factory ammo for a hand loader is never a bad thing. it's a source of you know for sure, it's once fired brass! ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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