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A few pics of my black powder weapons...

Armi San Marco Remington 1858 and Pietta Colt 1851 Navy...

Pedersoli Pennsylvania rifle...

50 cal. Investarms Hawken...

Up until recently, I also had a very old CVA Kentucky .50 cal kit rifle. i didn't need two .50 cal rifles, and as the Hawken was better quality and more versatile, I decided to get rid of it. A co-worker wanted it for his kid for Christmas, so he traded a very nice Heritage Arms Rough Rider pistol for it. The pistol was 22 lr/22 mag convertible with the original box, 3.5 inch barrel, and bird's head grips.

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I had a Hawkins just like that back in the 70's. Loved it. I saw on at a gun store and should have bought it.
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