My Dad was Promoted...

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    My Dad was Promoted...
    OK… gotta share in the happiness… my dad was promoted to Borough Commander of Staten Island for the Fire Department!!! Here’s the article & pic from the New York Times… Metro Section (hehe)…. Yeah, I’m so PROUD!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the article also reflects the other Fireman who were made commanders of the other boroughs.

    The New York Times
    August 8, 2002
    Bloomberg Announces a Revamped Fire Dept. Command Structure With More Chiefs

    The Fire Department's top management will be expanded and reorganized, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday, moves he said would improve day-to-day operations and make better use of the force's most experienced people.
    Standing next to Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, the mayor outlined the changes at a news conference at the Fire Department's headquarters, in Brooklyn, where an escalating exodus of retiring senior commanders and rank-and-file firefighters has weighed heavily of late.

    Now, the officials said, the number of staff chiefs, who are the highest-ranking uniformed members of the department, will increase to 18 from 10. Five of those men will each be given direct authority over one of the city's five boroughs, instead of all being responsible for the entire city.

    The chiefs, who are among the department's senior surviving members, will also trade the timeworn practice of working 24 hours straight and then taking three days off for a five-day work week, the officials said. (Firefighters work a schedule of two 9-hour tours two days in a row followed by 48 hours off and then two consecutive 15-hour night tours followed by 72 hours off.)

    The changes are reminiscent of the decentralized command structure the department had in 1990, and will go into effect Sept. 1, said Francis X. Gribbon, the department's chief spokesman.

    Such a sweeping transformation is among the first of many changes expected for the department, which lost 343 members in the terrorist attack. It comes as a consultant's study of the department's response Sept. 11 has exposed many shortcomings, some of which the new borough commanders will play roles fixing, Mr. Scoppetta said.

    The changes, which Mr. Scoppetta said he had been thinking about since January, are in line with Mayor Bloomberg's style of management. He believes that managers must match their workaday schedules to the business cycles of the rest of society.

    "Its intent is to produce greater continuity in the day-to-day direction of field units and in management of a broad range of issues, including budget, personnel and planning," the mayor said. "It will create a new pool of senior borough commanders who will be on duty, day after day, instead of on a rotating 24-hour-shift basis."

    The two unions that oversee the department's more than 11,100 members said yesterday that the changes were an improvement.

    In a written statement, Capt. Peter L. Gorman, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, which represents 2,500 lieutenants, captains, battalion chiefs, deputy chiefs and others, criticized the Giuliani administration, which it said "systematically dismantled command and control of the F.D.N.Y." Union officials said 25 staff chiefs existed when former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani took office, and on Sept. 11, 11 remained. Two died that day.

    Stephen J. Cassidy, the president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, said the changes were a "no-brainer," but said they failed to fix what he called the core problem, the mass retirements.

    "That chain of command, of handing down that knowledge gained through the years from the senior firefighters and officers, will be broken unless the Bloomberg administration does something to stem the tide of retirements," Mr. Cassidy said.

    Changing the hierarchy is clearly a rejection of the view that senior staff chiefs best serve the department and the city by applying their experience to calamities, like subway derailments and explosions, rather than working mostly in administrative jobs, some former and current officials said yesterday.

    Former Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen had pushed for accountability and tighter management at the top, one former senior fire official said, and had wanted chiefs to work Monday through Friday. He did not want the staff chiefs, who will be paid about $143,000 annually, to do the kind of managerial tasks that they did not enjoy, or that were technically beyond them and that lower-paid officials could perform, the former official said.

    But the five new borough commanders and their deputy assistant chiefs will also respond to major emergencies, fire officials said.

    To cover every hour every day, each chief will also work one 24-hour citywide shift every two weeks. Seven of the 18 chiefs and all five deputies for the borough commanders have not yet been named.

    Commissioner Scoppetta said he would have more personal contact with the commanders, meeting with them as a group at least once a week and more frequently individually. His philosophy is that as a uniformed agency, the department must have many top chiefs engaged every day in running it, like the Police Department's approach.

    Assistant Chief Harold Meyers, a 34-year veteran who will be the Manhattan commander, said the new structure would keep top commanders from rushing to the scene of a catastrophe all at once, as happened on Sept. 11.

    Assistant Chief Joseph Callan, a 37-year veteran who will be the Bronx commander, said more chiefs spread throughout the city would foster the kind of human links necessary to defend against terrorism.

    In the past, "If there was something serious that happened and there were people that were injured or not available to do their job, we didn't have excess people available," he said. "Now we will. Now we will."

    My dad’s on the end… John Casey… (hehe)

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    Next time ya get round to speakin with your father you tell him that Six said " Congrats" and that I have nothing but the deepest respect for him and for what he is doing.

    Six Out!


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    Re: My Dad was Promoted...
    Thumbs Up Winter!
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    A joy shared is a joy indeed---- a wonderful event in the life of what I bet, is a very deserving, yet humble man. I recall my military days that when advancements and promotions were held some of the 'wetting-down' parties were memorable things--. Tell the Dear Man this old navy chief said congradulations. Wilborn

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    Re: My Dad was Promoted...
    Congrats to your dad winter. And you've got every right to be proud of him!

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    Re: My Dad was Promoted...
    You guys are so sweet!!

    I'll definitely tell him all of your well wishes... I talk about you guys a lot to my family... I'd like to get my dad here one day!! Think he'd enjoy it... I know he looks upon all of you with great respect... he'll be honored to know that you all look upon him that way!

    JW... I'm sure you do remember those parties... I've heard many different tales of such events and they do indeed sound "fun"

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