My elected official, ohhhh geez.

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    This is what I have to put up with, one of our elected democrats that are in DC.

    After, letter after letter, I see that my work has all been in vain. I don’t believe this trash of a letter, disgusting.

    Dear Friends:

    Increased drug-related fighting in Mexico has many New Mexicans concerned that the violence could reach their own communities. While we’re fortunate that only isolated incidents have occurred on our side of the border, I have urged Congress to act now to increase border security efforts.

    I have long-recognized that New Mexico communities have unique needs because of their proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border – these communities tend to have higher crime rates related both due to cross border smuggling of drugs and guns. To help our communities, I first began pressing for grants to local law enforcement in 2005. I was recently able to secure $30 million to bolster border area law enforcement agencies, funding that will be distributed on a competitive basis to state, local, and tribal agencies for officer pay and the purchase of new crime fighting equipment.

    If this drug-related violence is ever going to be contained, we must step up efforts to deprive drug cartels of the powerful weapons they use, most of which are smuggled into Mexico from the United States. I helped secure $15 million for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to investigate and disrupt southbound gunrunning operations. As a result of this funding, an eleven-member gunrunner team will be established in Las Cruces and a smaller office will open in Roswell.

    Another recent milestone in our effort to secure New Mexico’s border is the addition of two Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST) teams. BEST teams bring together federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to address the trafficking of firearms, drugs, and cash. We successfully pressed the Department to assign new teams to New Mexico, and I am pleased to say our two new teams, located in Las Cruces and Deming, began operating on March 30.

    With these recent actions, I am confident we are providing law enforcement with the tools they need to protect the border. But we will always be on the defensive until we succeed in dismantling the big drug cartels. To do that, we must reduce the demand in our country for drugs. To that end, I have helped secure the following:

    $3.2 million for New Mexico National Guard counterdrug programs along the border and prevention efforts in schools throughout the state;

    $500,000 for the New Mexico Attorney General's anti-methamphetamine program to reduce the demand for drugs on our side of the border;

    $400,000 for New Mexico's drug courts to increase treatment options for offenders

    I believe we are taking important steps to provide law enforcement officials with the tools they need to address drug-related criminal activity. I will continue to advocate for efforts that will help New Mexico and the rest of our country remain safe and strong in the fight to secure our borders.

    Jeff Bingaman
    United States Senator
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    It should say...

    If this drug-related violence is ever going to be contained, we all need at least one AR or AK rifle in every home.

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    most politicians are so far out of reach of reality that it's not even funny, it's pathetic. all they know how to do is tax us to death, burden us with ridiculos rules and laws, and in general blowhard their way around. i would bet that most of them do not even know where they are and what they are expounding about at any given time. what a mess. we need a absolute recall procedure for any and all politicians that do not serve the best interest of the people of america. after all, we elected them, so why not replace them when they screw up? "The people should control and support the government, NOT the government controlling and supporting the people".

    Keep both barrels loaded!
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    Now THAT'S a great idea and it should be a law:D:D
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    At least he didn't say that he was earmarking 50 million for confiscations of scary guns from wrong-thinking people.

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    Jan 23, 2009
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    So what do you all think is going to happen to the 'minutemen'? I think that's what they are called. The cititzens that flush the illegals back across the border? Those guys walk/drive around with some serious firepower (As well they should).