My first Deadbeat Buyer - Milroy

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    Well, it had to happen. Milroy won TWO of my auctions on AA, I offered him a break on shipping right off the bat, since I could combine them.

    Took him over a WEEK to respond, and even then said it was because "his wife opened all the e-mails, and didn't tell him he had any." Yeah, Right.

    Sent one more right away, saying yes he wanted both. (That should've been a giveaway, if he DIDN'T want them both, why the hell did he BID!)

    No more correspondence since, ignoring my e-mails. A few days later, I checked his feedback again, and he had a negative for the same reasons from another seller, at the same time I was going through my problems with him!

    Left negative feedback for both auctions, check out my e-mail with Manny from AA in GD.

    The bad news was he bid up another guy who wanted the stripper clips on one auction, and out bid him, so it was no accident, and he screwed him, then, too!

    His name is (was?) Milroy. His e-mail is BEWARE! He's a TROLL.
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    ....Kilroy was here
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