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    Lemme tell you a little story, from 20 years or so ago.

    I worked for a company that did Non Destructive Testing. It don't matter whether or not you know what that is, for the purpose of this story.

    So this girl comes in one day, to apply for a job. She says, as she's handing in her application, that she does not have very much experience with NDE. She had helped out a little, and it looked like NDE would be a career she would like.

    After she leaves, Pam, our secretary, kinda snickers. I ask her what's funny. "She's trying to claim experience in this job, and she doesn't even know what it's called. She called it 'NDE', and it's 'NDT'.'

    So, I explained to Pam that the Navy called it NonDestructive Testing, and since the boss and the other two guys were ex-Navy, they called it NDT, and since they had trained me, I also called it NDT.

    But, the don't have NonDestructive Testing, in the Air Force. They have NonDestructive Investigation. NDI.

    And the Army don't have NDT or NDI, either one. They do NonDestructive Examination - NDE.

    Now, Pam, since she had been told it was called was NDT, thought that anyone that called it NDI or NDE were total morons.

    So it goes with guns. You get someone that has been told, by someone he believes, that "revolvers are not pistols", or "there never was a 45 Short Colt, so anyone saying 45 Long Colt is an idiot" or "only idiots think that clips and magazines mean the same thing", they believe it. Until someone shows 'em where they have been misinformed.
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