My 'new' anschutz 1416

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    Reply My 'new' anschutz 1416
    I traded an S&W Model 41 for an Anschutz 1416. The question is, what did I really get?

    The Anschutz has a '62' on the left side of the barrel right close to the receiver (between the proofmarks on the barrel). I assume that it means the gun was made in 1962. Right?

    It's got a checkered walnut(?) stock (Monte Carlo stock?) with a small 'dip' on the top of the stock near where the shoulder is placed. It also has an extra bit of wood on the left side of the stock which I assume to be a crude cheek rest.

    It says 'Model 1416' in faded gold on top of the barrel.

    I tested it from a sandbag rest with a Simmons 'Rimfire' scope (3-9x32 w/A.O.). I get groups of about 1/2 inch with cheap ammo such as Aguilla Standard Vel. Aguilla Subsonics, CCI Minimags and Winchester Dynapoints.

    Should the gun be doing better than that with cheap ammo? What's the gun worth?

    Is it something special since it is 40 years old (I think). What can Anschutz Mavens tell me about this gun?