My new tricked 10/22!

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    A few months back I bought a new 10/22. I wanted to have mine customized so I called a friend of mine who does excellent Gunsmithing. I wanted a Hogue overmold stock a Clark Barrel and an action slicked up and the trigger pull made crisp. I sent my rifle to Craig Hand the owner of SKUNKBLASTER Gunsmithing in Lewistown, Illinois. Craig did a fantastic job on my rifle! He did exactly what I requested and recommended some things that really did make a positive change. I especially like the action job that Craig did, he uses Power Custom components and it truelly is a different rifle now! This rifle shoots so well that I'm thinking of having him build me a 10/22 Magnum in .17HMR! If anyone is looking for outstanding work at very affordable prices please contact Craig at #309-668-0917.
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    Good deal K75RT, I'm still looking for weather good enuff to shoot mine