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    Oct 8, 2005
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    Hello Everyone:
    I just wanted to share some info and pics of the first variation Walther PP SN# 751051 that was later altered at the Walther plant.The first five or six thousand of these had a very bad draw back.Walther used a two piece firing pin,a very thin shafted safety and a C spring for hammer presure.All of the above were prone to breakage and failure and some,not alot were sent back to the factory for the newer one piece firing pin,a thicker shaft on the safety and a coiled spring for the hammer block.The serial numbers started at 750,000 in 1929.It was the first double action handgun ever made,at that time.Mine is in 98% condition and really shows quality workmanship.The only thing I need to finish the rig is a slab side or solid base finger ext mag.Hope you enjoy the pics. Danny PS.I think these will turn out to large,so can I have some help from the Admin staff, please?

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