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    Last April I hunted red stag in La Pampa, Argentina, and the lodge owner was impressed with my attitude and desire to hunt. He told my story to an Argentine photographer who is working on a book about red stag hunting. The photographer decided to include a photo of me in the book and asked me to write a brief text. Here’s what I came up with:

    by Andy Hahn
    What should a hunter do when his body begins to fail him? I asked myself this question six years ago when I was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease). Even as my hands, arms and legs became too weak to function, my passion for the outdoors remained strong. Through this passion I found the only answer: When a hunter’s body begins to fail him, he must keep hunting.
    As a young man, I often took to the woods alone. Now I hunt red stag with the help of good friends and modern technology. Instead of bemoaning my disability, I cultivate a positive attitude that helps me focus on what I can do. I can’t walk—but I have a wheelchair to help me get around; I can’t handle a gun—but my friends carry, load and aim the rifle for me; my finger can’t squeeze the trigger—but I have a switch that activates the trigger when I inhale on a tube; I can’t sneak through the brush and stalk a stag—but I have the patience to sit quietly and wait until one comes to me.
    I can still get out in the field to enjoy nature’s sights, smells and sounds. And when I hear a red stag roar, I feel my pulse quicken as the adrenaline surges!
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    ^5 Andy ,
    I also experienced the same feelings .I'm a para SCI Spinal Cord Injuried and Colon Cancer Survivor . I've always has an adventurous life style . I fell off of a ladder I was Living back when George Bush's Sr was saying The Americian Dream worked hard was a electrical lineman for the power company .My life changed over a matter of seconds .I fell 12 ' and landed on concrete to be found 10 hours later . Anyway When i woke up in intensive care my wife looked at me a assured me everything was going to be fine . And from that day forward it has been . I tell people you have a choice it's what you decide to do . I decided to get back on that horse and ride it and not be left behind . I started setting goals I shot Skeet for 20 years yes Ive met the big boy's Todd Bender and such I took this game very serious and when i stopprd shooting I was shooting B & A class scorces why skeet because it was harder than Trap being a para i thought and i shot both games at 1 time . 1 more thing I really believe in life You are the limiting factor with what you achieve in life guys now go for it .Winners never quit and quitters never win . Yes at times it would be nice to stop and take a break but life goes on . Get your azz end up and enjoy life the best you can.

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