My Profound Apologies

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    My Profound Apologies
    to members and staff here at VMBB for not posting earlier.

    I have been home for quite some time now (almost three weeks) and have erred in not even visited here at VMBB. I have no excuse to offer other than VMBB was the only site I visit that was not in my "My Links" section of my Earthlink web browser (that has now been corrected).

    Now that that has been taken care of an up-date is in order. I am still very weak from my two week stay in the hospital. I am more or less wheelchair bound for the present, but am seeing minor improvement daily as my strength returns. I am trying to get up to do some walking (with the aid of a walker) on a daily basis, but at most can only take a half dozen steps before I am too exhausted to continue. But at least now I am able to stand up, which is something I couldn't do when I first came home.

    The reason I was admitted to the hospital was determined as "exacerbation of emphysema". Meaning that my emphysema had a sudden "flare up" that caused by breathing to become difficult. Plus I developed a slight fever and had came down with some sort of infection other than a cold of the flu. After two days of hospital food and all the antibiotics and other IV treatments they were forcing into my system, I developed abdominal pains that just would not go away. This caused a sort of "Catch-22" situation because the Doctors couldn't treat me for the abdominal pain until they had by breathing regulated, and that just wasn't happening. Days 3 and 4 are no different than the first two, except I am getting weaker each day and now can't even sit up in the bed to eat my meals. I have to be "propped" up with pillows in order to sit up at all. Day five brings some relief because I keep complaining to the Doctor about my abdominal pain, so he orders morphine injections every 4 hours to reduce it. Now we're talking business, and with the pain under control I start feeling better, although am so weak by now that even chewing my food is a task and causes periods of shortness of breath. It now takes the better part of an hour for me to eat a meal. We finally get my breathing somewhat controlled, and on day 6 the X-ray technician comes and tells me that we are having a picture of my abdominal area taken. I say, "fine, where's the machine?" She says, "you have to go to the lab to have the pictures taken". I responded with "I guess we don't get any x-rays done today then; - I couldn't get out of this bed even if I want to, and if I can't get out of the bed I can't go to the x-ray lab". X-ray tech left, and about four hours later here comes the portable unit to take my pictures, upon which (when they are read) nothing out of the ordinary appears.

    On Tuesday, day 10, we have a decision to make. My wife has to be in Chicago Friday morning for a business meeting, and will be there until Wednesday of the following week. The decision we have to make is do I go home on Thursday and spend the weekend by myself, or do I spend the weekend in the hospital. The Doctor, my wife and I talk it over and decide it would be best if I stayed in the hospital. Weekend passes without incidentand I am released on Monday (day 15) at 14:00 and my oldest son is there to pick me up and bring me home.

    So far things are O.K., and slight improvements are made, but any improvements are so darned awful s - l - o - w that they are not easily recognized.

    Thanks to everyone for the thought and prayers offered while I was gone. They are deeply appreciated, and definitely helped my during hospitalization.

    Happy Easter to all.

    With deepest regards


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    Re: My Profound Apologies
    ruffitt no apologies are necessary. All of us here want to see you get better so take your time.

    Happy Easter to you and Tag-a-long as well!!!

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    Re: My Profound Apologies
    Ditto what T said Ruff!

    Happy Easter To All Who Enter Our Doors!
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    Reply Re: My Profound Apologies
    Mr. Ruffitt, I would have never thought to apologize for failing to stay in touch when feeling so poorly. I must tell you Sir, that I admire you very much for taking the time to be so gracious with an explanation for us. I hope you get back on your feet again soon and feeling better. Best regards and a Happy Easter. wilborn.

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    Reply Re: My Profound Apologies
    Surely no need on my end for any explanations sir but super glad to hear that things are going a bit better for you. We'll be here waitin' on ya and get well soon. Wishing you and your family the very best this holiday. Six

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

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    Reply Re: My Profound Apologies

    Sure am glad to see that you are getting better.

    When you get some time you are expected to get back here and spend some time with us, Real Soon!