my sisters kids?

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    Aug 27, 2009
    i live in southern indiana,old country boy at hear
    my sister lives in florida and her and her children come up to visit us in southern indiana at least once a being their uncle and having no children of my own uncle mike always takes them fishing or shooting or both.this time they decided that they were to choose what to shoot in my gun room.well as you can guess they chose tactical rifles both in 308 and 223, ar15s,my sks sporter that uses ak mags.45colt acp,38 special,and a 357 mag.they had a ball but this time i was not getting stuck reloading what they shot as i have in the past.i had told them they would be reloading all the ammo they shot since they chose what to shoot.well..................guess what.they now have a different attitude as to how fast they go thru ammo and what it takes to reload it.two days later under my supervision the deed was done.they told me never again would they spray ammo and promised to take their time when shooting.i wonder if we should all try worked for me and also helped them. old semperfi
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    Spoken like a man drilled in fire discipline. I can't understand people spraying away ammo by bump firing and the like. I would just see that muzzle spitting dollar signs:AR15firing:.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Conman

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!!!!!!!

    Way to go...
  4. soundguy

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    May 8, 2012
    good job at passing on a usefull skill!

    i do a variation on this.

    I have no kids, but most of my friends have kids. Only 1 of the kids has taken an interest in firearms, and her step-dad, while he doesn't mind guns.. just isn't a gun guy.. has a rifle in the closet somewhere, never uses it.. etc....I'm currently teaching her to shoot. she's been tot he range a half dozen or more times now, after some safety lessons, and the first time, she had her pick of a good selection of long guns to shoot, to figure out what to learn on. I told her fireing lots of guns is noce.. but sugested she decide on one to focus on.. that way in a while, she'll be quite good at it. after a day of plinking she settled on my 30-06's bolt action. after another session of this and another, her sticking to it, and still liing the 30-06, I scavenged around at a show and found a mechanically fine, -slightly- cosmetically damaged ( nothing a bit of 600 paper and some wood stain wouldn't fix 99%.. ) savage 110 in 30-06 for a good price. I grabbed it, and that is now her range gun. I want her to practice and develop skill with that one.. not mine. when she turns 18 ( 15 now ).. I'll give her the savage. She's already a 100yd tack driver with it....

    last time shooting We talked about reloading. we shot some of my relaods.. and now as a regular deal afte range time, we collect all our brass any any other we can scrounge, and she gets to , for now, watcht he steps I go thru to relaod a cartridge. she's picking it up faster than i did. :) pretty soon.. probably by the end of this year, after range time I'll probably have her into loading as well. My bench has 2 presses setup anyway.. so under supervision, she can start reloading too. We've already got her setup with a range bag similar to mine. shoulder pad, cleaning kit, good but inexpensive spotting scope, targets, glasses, ear plugs.. etc.. etc.

    fun passing on the skill to the younger generation.

    I've known her family for nearly 30ys.. her uncle and mother have been my best friends for 27 of them.. her stepfather the same, when he got into the picture. when we were all a little younger we'd go over to their parents house ( grandparents of the youngun learnin to shoot ) .. .. they made something called monkey bread.. looke dlike 'sticky buns' to me. some sort of maple and sorghum glazed bread like a honey bun only much better! less stress i think back then... :)

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