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My Smith family members

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They all have an evil pistol grip

ID from the bottom
M&P 1905 4th change 1917
Above right K 38 15-2 Performance Shop Combat Masterpiece
Above Nickle M&P Pre-10 5 Screw 1948
Above Outdoorsman K-22 1934
Left side 19-4 Combat Magnum
Left top 28-2 Highway Patrolman
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With the public all wanting semi autos it's nice to see well taken care of revolvers. I was taught with revolvers and still have a liking of them, I own a few.
Nice collection you have there. I have liked revolvers all my life. I know that I personally like the fact that I don't have to chase brass at the range.

Could you describe what models you have there?

If you don't mind, I would like to post a photo of my small collection of S&W's

In order on the left top to bottom: 1950 K38 Masterpiece, 1948 K22 Masterpiece, 1976 M66-no dash
on the right: Unfired 1978 M57, M629-4 Classic DX, unfired 1978 M29-2, four screw M29
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Nice Smith Familiys there. Be warned they keep getting bigger My family started with a model 10 and 1917

and these 2 was there for the group picture

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this is awesome. nice older models too.
added ID to first post

I missed the 22A family member
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