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(11/13/02 6:08:11 pm)
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I'll tell you about my weekend. Left of Friday to rifle site in for the handicapped hunt at Stockton, MO. The wind was blowing so badly; large site in-groups were tolerated. Mine was about 4" at 100 yards.

Could not sleep Friday night at all. Saw 1 button buck and 5 does Sat Morning, I passed on all. Stayed in the stand all day and saw a coyote at 4:30, 4:31 I got pissed! Started thinking that the deer might circle around him so I calmed a bit. Just at sunset, a doe come out about 35 yards. I thought about the pistol, I thought about letting it go I decided to get my doe out of the way and decided to take her. The blind rail was too tall, so I am shooting under the rail, over the torn burlap, and almost out of my chair. At 35 yards I could not miss. I shot and she trotted about 30 feet and started flinching and kicking. I asked Dave if he needed any help getting the deer in the Toyota Sequoia (we forgot the trailer), he said no, he'd get it some how. He drives to the deer and opens the back, and puts the tarp in the back. He grabs the deer's feet with both hands and chuck's it into the back. Just about chucked her into the front she was so small. We get back to camp and they (Corps of Eng., Conservation Dept. and other helpers) gathered to see the mighty deer. After field dressing it, they went to hang it; to weight it and one of the guys used one hand to raise it to the weight scale 8 ft off the ground. A good laugh was had by all (cept you know who!). We (12 hunters only took four deer the first day. The wind was unbelievable. I took a beating on taking the 55-pound field dressed deer. Hey, two other people and me saw, I thought I done good.

Wore out like never before, I slept like a rock. Woke to a new day. Opened the door, not a breath of wind. Man, it is looking better already. As this point I was welcoming the forecasted rain. We got to the stand and watch one of the most beautiful sun rises in a lifetime. Brother beside me, Life was great. We heard all kinds of game running in the woods. Finally about 7:45-7:50 A.M. a buck came crashing through the woods towards us. It stopped in the woods and looked frightfully nervous. Another guide had kicked him up going to the truck and saw him go our direction. About a minute and a half later I saw the buck. He was not going to go back where the other guide was, that was definite. So he chose to sprint at break-neck speed through my field. Dave and I both started with the grunt calls. About 75 yards away, he stopped. I started to raise the gun and off he took again. I raised the gun to the shooting rail and took aim. Dave grunted one more time. The deer looked our direction. I was nearly ready, and he was getting nervous again. I clicked the gun off safe and he looked directly at us from 100 yards away. Dave said," HE'S GETTING NERVO..."(blam! I done pulled the trigger on the 300 Win Mag with Swift Scirocco 165 grainers. I blinked (still the greenhorn) and he started running again at world record speeds. Man, I was pissed. Dave said, you hit him. I didn’t believe him. (Nice thing to think about your guide, huh!) He said, "I'll go find the blood." I guided him to the site of the shot and he took off. He got there and gave a thumb up! I'm beginning to feel better. He tracked it a bit further and gave another thumbs up. I started getting the feeling he had some tracking blood in him, and he might find this deer. I see him go over the ridge and out of sight. About five minutes later I hear a "whoop!” I figured he found him. Happy to have my second deer and know it was a buck made my day. Us hunting together and getting two deer was just about all I could stand. I saw him drag the deer to the tree line and stop. Then he walked the 175 yards back to the stand. He was really panting. I questioned him about it. I said, Man, Dave it's not that far. HE said yeah, but it's that "BIG! I told him not to lie to me, that things were too good as they were. He said, "well, they get better". I got into the Sequoia and we drove to the tree line. The deer’s head was in the grass and mostly covered. He got out and raised its head and smiled. I almost got sick with excitement. We had not a chance to see its size prior to shooting him and watching him run. The whole thing took about 15 seconds from his start out of the woods till his disappearance over the ridge. I thought Dave finding the deer was the reason for the whoop! Obviously it was not. We counted ten (no not western count) points with big spread and mass. I am still about to toss my scrambled eggs as we look at it. He wrestles for 45 minutes trying to get this deer in the SUV. It won a couple times, but he finally prevailed. As we were heading back to camp, we saw the guide who spooked the buck. He flagged us down and asked if we got anything? Dave said "yeah". He asked, was it a buck? Dave, "yep!" Once more from the guide, tell he's nice. Dave opened the back. The other guide chuckled and said, "man, I was hoping it was the big one." He looked and said, well, "the little one got away". Oh, he was happy. We went back to camp to check in and no one was around except the Corps three best men. Three of the nicest guys in the world. They helped Dave hoist the deer on the hoist then from the hoist to the scale. They let go and it came to rest at 215-lbs. live (only not at the moment) weight. We caped it and then skinned the rest and proceeded to field dress it. I got both lungs, but missed the heart. We set the caped head aside to finish cleaning the deer and people started filing in. I have never shot a big deer, so I couldn’t tell you how big. Three different guys that score deer came by. All guessed by using a Stanley tape measure that it might B & C between 135 and 150. I kind of recognized those numbers. A lot of people were happy, but they had no idea what I was feeling on the inside. The perfect morning of all mornings had just turned into tears. We hung around and had lunch, and talked. I just grinned a lot. With the better morning, the deer started coming in at a good pace.

First of all, I can't tell you what I think of my guide! Those words don't exist. Thanks Brother!

The people that put this hunt on, The Corps of Engineers, The Missouri Conservation Dept., all the volunteer guides, the Lyons Club (for the breakfast at 4:00 in the mornings) are the best on earth. These same people let a bunch of us nuts have that BBQ and shoot a year ago last fall. This is absolutely the highest-class wild deer for challenged people in the world. Two of our major sponsors were Buck knives and Bass Pro Shops.

Finally a good day since mom passed away in '95, and dad survived the heart attack a year later. I'm sure mom had a guiding hand. She surely had a smile when we got done.

Please pardon any grammar or spelling mistakes. I can't see again cause of the damn tears

I do want to thank the people of this board! A few years ago I was looking for reasons to keep fighting the battles and a group of gun nuts told me to basically get over myself and act like an adult. I have prospered every day since that day. Thanks, I love you all!

I hope everybody has the opportunity to have this kind of day just once.

Here is the close-up of the rack. Probably not a monster is anybody's mind, but it puts to shame all the deer I've taken in the past.

Hey, Bin Lauden, our women can kick you butt!

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*TFF Staff*
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(11/14/02 10:29:35 am)
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Great story Kevin! I would have been excited in your situation too. Also, it is great to see brothers enjoy each others company as you and Dave do.

CONGRATULATIONS on the great deer!

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(11/21/02 4:31:57 pm)
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Re: My Stockton Hunt
Way to go Kevin...Great story, I enjoied reading it. Nothing like having a perfect day!
United We Stand

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(11/22/02 2:19:00 am)
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Good deer, good hunt, great story! Congratulations!

Semper Fi
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