My Sweet Lord - George Harrison

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    In early 1971 I went on R&R to Bankok, Thailand. I only stayed there one day because I wanted to spend the rest of my R&R in Saigon.

    I knew a lovely Phillipino girl with the USO who stayed at one of the better hotels in Saigon.

    She showed me parts of Saigon that were unbelieveable. We once entered a small storefront and went right through the shop and out the back door to a large room being used as a disco club. The floor and the walls were marble!

    Another time we went through another small shop and entered into a first class restaurant. She paid 22,000 piasters for our meal! When the waiter brought the meal to our table he lit it on fire. (I almost ducked under the table but soon realized that my life was not in danger). (LOL)

    One morning we rented a small wooden boat and the two of us rowed around Saigon harbor. I remember singing "My Sweet Lord" to her as I rowed between the many large ships tied up at the docks.

    That song was George Harrison's first release as a single.


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    He will be sorely missed in this world.


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    Glad you had very nice & romantic time over there..
    It was "yesterday" but forever my friend.
    I liked almost the Beatles' songs .. too.