My take on the sudden Swiss Bank transparency...

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    The Swiss Bank, UBS recently released a list of 4500 names and other critical information of account holders which are suspected of engaging in US Tax Evasion. This is unprecedented, as Swiss banks have traditionally kept all information regarding account holders secret. Some ask why?... I have a theory. ;)

    When AIG was bailed out in 2008 some asked why... Why was AIG, an insurance company bailed out when a bank such as Lehman Brothers was not? Some speculated that AIG backed Congressional retirement funds. I'm not sure about that, although it can't be ruled out....

    What I do know is that UBS did insure the Swiss Bank, UBS. As part of the massive bailout, the country of Sweden received a total of $5.4 Billion USD (US Dollars) through the UBS funnel. Of that 5.4 Billion USD, UBS got 5.0 Billion USD through AIG.


    So, it's payback time... Why would the Swiss UBS bank flex their rules now? Well, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours... ;)

    This all wreaks of coercion and outright manipulation of the global financial markets. We all know it's happening but I think the scale is more than anyone imagined... :mad:
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    Yes it does....George Soros-style:mad:

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