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many threads on TFF about EOC and other bad times 'afterwards'.

plenty of ideas on what to have and what to do.

Some of us relaod, and thus plan on saving our brass to relaod with stored powder and primes to supplement stored built ammo.. etc...

Here's another twist I thought about.

as nice as it is to laod ammo, there are some types that it is nearly as cheap to simply buy milsurp.

762x39 for instance. bulk packed milsurp in high quantities makes it virtually a wash for relaod costs, not counting the work you DON'T have to do. Of course the vast majority of milsurp like that is berdan primed and essentially non reloadable.. or steel cased.. etc. Thus many relaoders shun it.. etc.. :)

Here's my take on it.

for calibers like that. it's still a good idea to have both on hand. reloadable and non reloadable cheap surpluss.

think about this.

anything shot around your place.. or on a controled hunt, you got time to bend over and pickup spent brass. thus. use the relaodable stuff for those situations.

when out on a scavenging mission.. or a forward defense ( offense? ) position.. where you will be 'fireing and forgetting' or otherwise on the move.. or making attack/fade sorties.. the milsurp is great for this. fire and forget. no stooping to reclaim brass in the middle of a fire fight.. and then not worrying about the loss of relaodable material later on back at camp.. and no 2ndary missions to reclaim the lost pile of brass later either.

IE.. take the NR stuff on patorl and on extended trips..etc....

ps.. have one of those lee hand laoder kits that uses the hand press that needs no bench might be a good 25$ investment for the laoder that thinks they may be on the move.

a duffle bag with a can f powder.. laoder.. die, box of bullets and tray of primer and a some lubes/ ets and you can make on the go at camp..e tc.. :)

just random thoughts... :)
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