My thoughts on Canadian gun control.

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    Reply My thoughts on Canadian gun control.
    Here is what I have so far. Let me know of some more ideas. This is a rough copy so there is lots of editing to come.

    Gun control is a very controversial subject in Canada these days and in this paper I will address some of the issues and share my views on the government’s control of firearms. I believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves and the one’s they love. There are many arguments about the way our federal and provincial governments have handled gun control and in this paper I will share my view on the subject.

    Many people think that guns are only used by bad people to fulfill their deeds but this is not true. Guns have many purposes ranging from personal protection to feeding one’s family. Guns are a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hand but with proper training and guidance a gun can be the difference between life and death or the difference between a family eating and starving. In the hands of a desperate criminal a gun can be certain death for anyone standing in their way but in the hands of an everyday law abiding citizen a gun can be the difference between coming home or going to the morgue.

    When a criminal wants to rob a store or kill someone it doesn’t matter how they get the job done. They may choose to but a gun on the street that had never been registered, they may choose to use a gun they have legally purchased or they may choose to use an everyday kitchen knife. To a criminal it doesn’t matter what they use to get the job done, all that matters is that they succeed with their plans. Criminals know that they can get a gun when they want and nothing can stop them. Gun laws to not apply to criminals because they do not follow by them.

    If the average law abiding person wants a gun they are bombarded with paper work, back ground check and many regulations. They spend their time and money to get something a criminal can get in hours but they must wait days. These people don’t get their fixes by robbing liquor stores or shooting innocent people, but they get their fixes at the local range shooting paper targets or taking their son on a hunting trip. To the average person a firearm is not a weapon but it is rather a tool that provides them with hours of fun and enjoyment.

    The main point is that if a criminal wants a gun they can get one and where they get it from does not matter because they obviously don’t care about the laws anyway. On the other hand, if the average family man or mother of 5 wants a gun they are tied down with paper work and numerous government rules and regulations.

    If the Canadian government makes it easier for law abiding citizens to purchase guns and use them the crime rates may also be changed. If people were allowed to purchase a gun and carry that gun for personal protection, how many people do you think would try to rob them or break into their home? If criminals know that the people are carrying gun for personal protection they are much less likely to cause trouble with them for fear of being wounded. The last thing a criminal want is resistance or a fight. When a criminal is crawling through a window of a house they are unfamiliar with they may now be thinking in the back of their head, “I sure hope they don’t have guns here or I’m in trouble.”

    The general public is supportive of the police officers carry guns. What do you think the officers use those guns for? Personal protection is what the police use guns for. If police officers are allowed to carry a gun and use it when threatened, why can’t the general public do the same? Not many people come up to a police officer with a knife and demand money because they know they will be shot but they will go up to the average citizen on the street because they know that person will be following the governments law and not carrying a gun.

    What does the government fear? Why is it that a handgun is a restricted firearm? Does the government really think that people would buy handguns and walk around posing a treat to the public? They must be thinking that with the laws they have legislated. If a grown person with training and knowledge wants a handgun for hunting they are confronted with the many laws the government has legislated regarding handguns. Now if that model citizen was to get a handgun it wouldn’t be much use to them because every time they want to take it somewhere they must get a permit to move them gun. Does the government think that a serial murderer gets a permit to take his/her handgun, which he/she legally obtained, to the next victim’s house? Well of course not. And does that same murderer keep his or her gun in a locked safe with no ammo in site and a trigger lock on? No they don’t. So why must the good people follow these rules? If that serial murderer was to break into the house of someone else who had a gun they would have a huge advantage. The law abiding citizen would have to then open the safe, take the trigger lock off, and load the gun. Well, by that time the criminal would have already shot the father of six and be proceeding to the children’s rooms.

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    Reply Re: My thoughts on Canadian gun control.
    Gun Control has nothing to do with crime control !

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