My trip to SOG today... Interesting comment-"Polish Ma

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    I was at SOG today picking up some M39s, and I talked Cynthias boss (she was out on a personal day...)into showing me some Turks, I had a little extra money, thought I might get one or two...

    4 of the 5 from two grades he showed me had very little finish...only one was about 75%...stocks weren't bad, looked like they were "stripped," two were the "repairable cracked stocks," the crack he called a "Mauser Crack," in the wrist right behind the reciever...said that's the way most of them are cracked...

    When I asked if any had matching bolts. he told me they haven't had matching Turk Mausers "for years..." (I thought Bob said he got some?) I said I really wanted matching...

    But anyway, he let something slip...he said something like, if you absolutely HAD to have numbers match, we could "Polish ma...." then he stopped, looked kinda sheepish, (maybe he saw my name on the invoice... ) and explained they have a "large" buyer who insists on matching numbers on his Mausers, and has them "grind the bolts" before they ship...and he assumed the guy restamped them...(I assume they charge him extra for it...)

    He also quickly said they do NOT ever do that to any others, just request...and says that you do NOT get a true matching bolt, just number...

    I decided I am NOT a Mauser man, I wouldn't know a good one if it bayoneted me, so I passed...

    But I thought you guys would like the "Polish match" crack...Damn Mauser guys anyway...

    And every time I see a "matching" Mauser anywhere I will probably be suspect because of it...

    But I don't think it's anything new...this just confirms what we suspected all along...if people will pay extra for something, it WILL be found hook or crook....

    I still don't think SOG would stamp any, have not seen evidence, but is grinding them unethical too? If you suspect some guy will restamp them?

    And I would NOT put it by Century, or a few others too....I've gotten SEVERAL 44s direct from Century with NO number on the bolt, obviously ground....

    At least my Nagants are probably MORE "correct" if they DON'T match.....not like a Mauser...

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    Polish you let the cat out of the bag. Now as far as we know there is not a TRUE numbers matching Mauser in the country

    I wonder who the guy is who is restamping them and probably not telling the buyers.

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    I have had some real nice Turkish Mausers - but none of them had matching bolts. It doesn't suprise me they "custom alter" things for their large customers.
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    Re: My trip to SOG today... Interesting comment-"Polis
    My first Tirkish mauser I bought was all matching except for the floor plate. It came from AIM about 8 months ago. Hmmmm

    I did read somewhere that it is nearly impossible, one of them snowballs chances in [email protected] things to have a T38 with a matching bolt because of something the Turks did to them. I can't remember what it is now. With any info being as scarce as it is on these Turks, I have my doubts about mine being a true matching bolt.

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