Mystery PPK

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  1. Mystery Walther

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    Nov 15, 2017
    I forgot to add. I was looking at the engraveing closer and noticed the dots around acorn oak leafs, I have looked for few years to find that type of engraving. Have not seen that type of engraving on anything els. Hoping to find the maker and year . At a dead end so far, anything is very helpful.
  2. FastReb

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    Jul 9, 2017
    You are more than welcome. As to what the initials "AH" mean, I think that there is a greater possibility that someone had the gun engraved to try to pass it off as Adolf Hitler's personal PPK than it standing for Aribert Heim. It is known that Hitler had a PPK and is believed to have shot himself with it at the end of the war. That particular pistol would be worth a small fortune if it could be documented as having belonged to him, much less as being the one he used to kill himself with.