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I always liked this little revolver but i was never impressed with the new production ammo made by prvi. It seemed like very light target loads to me and were not the best in terms of accuracy. I was of the opinion that this revolver was not made to be very accurate because of that ammo. I think a lot of people downplayed the effectiveness of this revolver because of the ammo.

Surplus ammo for this revolver has been hitting the market lately and I picked up a few 14 round boxes of it. I was very impressed with the results. It had a lot more authority than the new production ammo and I was able to hit a 12" plate at 50 meters with it. Using the actual ammo that was meant to be used in this firearm changed my opinion quite a bit.

Video of the revolver and new ammo. I hit the plate twice in this video.


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I use the Russian ball ammo too in 88 and 108 grain. the 88 grain moves out at 1300 fps...... 32 H&R mag only gets 1167 fps with 85 grain.

so Glad I got some real ammo for mine now. However Mag tech 32 SW longs are still more accurate and put lots of small game on the table.

Best $85.00 I ever spent on a gun!
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