National Emergency Exercises

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    The Obama Administration plans to increase the frequency, rigor and realism of emergency planning exercises involving senior government officials and emergency responders in an effort to improve the nation's emergency preparedness.

    "This administration understands and believes in the importance of exercising [for national emergencies] and requires that the most senior levels of government are involved in all aspects," wrote Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in an internal memorandum (pdf) last week.

    "Much has been accomplished through the implementation of the first generation of a national exercise program, however it is also critical that we continue to improve these programs," she wrote.

    The Secretary directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to "develop a two-year progressive exercise program that increases the total number of exercises and culminates in a full-scale biennial intergovernmental National Level Exercise."

    "Drills should be primarily no notice, or limited notice, and be conducted periodically during the two-year cycle by partners across DHS and the interagency, focusing on testing a single specific operation or function."

    Functional level exercises are to be conducted "in settings such as they would experience during an actual event." The culminating National Level Exercise is to involve "actual 'boots on the ground' responders, with exercise elements driven by field actions rather than purely by scripted injects."

    The National Exercise Program currently includes a planned 2011 exercise on terrorism, and a 2012 exercise on cyber terrorism. These previously planned exercises should adhere to the new standards "to the maximum degree practicable," Secretary Napolitano indicated.

    "[A]n effective exercise program is the cornerstone of our nation's collective preparedness and resilience. Only by testing... can we be sure of the effectiveness of our plans for preventing, responding to an recovering from disasters and acts of terrorism and the preparedness of those charged with supporting and protecting the American people," she wrote.

    A November 2008 report from the Congressional Research Service examined "Homeland Emergency Preparedness and the National Exercise Program: Background, Policy Implications, and Issues for Congress" (pdf).
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    so no script but played out "on the ground" hmmmm reactionary ... hehehehehe

    heck i could have some fun with that especially the cyberterror scenario's

    can you spell "L0pht heavy industries"

    yes i am that old

  3. graehaven

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    I'm only half way through reading the PDF, and this is scary stuff. The language is very broad and not very limiting in scope of what they can do and will do. It is deliberately worded so that they can "make up policies" to respond on the fly. This is way TOO MUCH centralized power from the executive branch.

    They are outlining for us what they are going to do to us, not in so many words.

    This is all military driven. The military being used on our soil, for use in a "civilian environment" (their words, not mine on page crs-18).

    there are layers and layers and layers of oversight and command - all equaling MUCHO $$$$$$$$$.

    Unsettling to say the least.
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