National Heath Scare by Rick Joyner (

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    Obama care for cancer will likely be assisted suicide. At age 68, illegal aliens will have better health care than my wife, who turned 67 today, and myself. We will have to pay for our health care + the taxes to support this Obamination but illegals will have it free. Talk about adding insult to injury. Had a long talk with my 3 Congresscriters this AM. The staff members didn't seem to comprehend my concerns after reading the 1018 pages of the pdf on this bill. These legislative monstrosities will quickly put you to sleep. This one kept me awake for almost 3 days. I can't describe how angry this thing made me. Rick Joyner is right this is truly an evil bill and its originators should be dragged out into the light of day so we will know who these people are. I have no doubt that Ted Kennedy did not author this bill. He isn't smart enough to create all the interlocking threads of the massive net.
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    They missed one. All health care facilities must be non-profit. If a hospital is presently stockholder owned, it must convert to non-profit before it can receive any payments. Doesn't affect me, Minnesota already has a non-profit rule, but I expect other states may have for-profit hospitals.
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