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National Ordnance M-1 Carbine

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. CountryGunsmith

    CountryGunsmith Guest

    Jan 29, 2003
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    (10/25/02 9:40:32 am)
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    I just bought a M1 Carbine from a friend for $150.00.

    It's in perfect condition. It's not of any collector value being that it's a NATL ORD receiver model.

    It's a nice solid rifle and like new condition. 100% blue and stock is beautiful with out any marks at all.

    What's this rifle worth?


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    (10/26/02 1:26:29 am)
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    Re: Worth of M1 Carbine

    NATL ORD made some fine Mil-Surps back in the 60's I
    believe, using G.I. parts.

    In the condition you describe, my guess is $300.00
    apprimimate price range.

    Hopefully, some others will chime in here also!

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    (10/26/02 8:23:06 am)
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    You didn't get hurt on that one.

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    (11/5/02 4:46:18 pm)
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    Not fine surplus.
    National Ordinance made copies of USGI firearms using USGI parts kits and new invesment cast receivers (kind of like a 60's version of Century). I'm not overly familiar with their M-1 carbines, but their M1903's are of dubious quality, generally considered to be potentially dangerous because they used investment cast receivers, as opposed to the forged originals.
    I've seen their M1903's selling for $200-250, and some have said that the rifles are worth the sum of their USGI parts.
    Thier M-1's are most likely a great deal safer due to the ruduced power of the .30 carbine cartridge. I've seen one for sale at $250, recently, but didn't get a chance to do more than a cursory examination.
    At $150, you didn't do badly, as I'm sure that even the non USGI carbines are riding a wave of popularity now, buoyed by the sales of the originals costing $550+. I've seen Universals and Iver Johnsons sell for $400 recently. So for $150, you're not hurting.
  2. cyclingfrenzy

    cyclingfrenzy Guest

    Jan 28, 2009
    I have owned a variety of M1 Carbines, one of them is a National Ordnance, which I was told had a Winchester receiver, milled adjustable sights, really nice furniture, bayonet lug, I have fired over a thousand rounds out of it at our NRA range in Fairfax and its a smooth shooter, no complaints. All components look to be original GI except the barrel. The receiver has NATL. ORD. on it where the Winchester should be and has an Inland trigger housing and uses all GI springs n parts.........oh I traded a Lionel Box Car for it in 2002........Frenzy
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  3. DarryH

    DarryH New Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    I just bought one for $100.
    It shows some wear, but appears to be a solid shooter.
    The investment cast receiver has an odd, faded color to it.
    Most parts do NOT seem to be US Mil parts.
    It came with a non-GI ammo belt, and it has 6 magazine pouches, all dated and US marked, all 1952 issue.
    It also came with 11, 20 round magazines, 5 still in the wrapper.

    Any suggestions how to field strip and lube this gun???

    Is there any info on the sights??
    Wil they regulate at 100 yards, or shoot 8 inches high like most of my other military rifles??

    New hear, but excited to find this forum.
    I love all guns, but military is my first love.

    Good Shootin!!
  4. cyclingfrenzy

    cyclingfrenzy Guest

    Jan 28, 2009
    loosen your barrel band......which should have a bayonet lug.....slide it toward the front site......might have to wiggle it a bit........once clear of the forearm stock.....lift the barrel from the stock....all internals ar exposed. one major place to clean is the gas portal, where the barral has a small hole drilled on an angle to push the the bolt rearward to re-cock, clean all parts, it is a very simplistic rifle to clean, don't over oil..........google any questions you may have.
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