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    Groundhog Devastation
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    (1/7/03 10:55:38 pm)
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    Anybody here going to the NC EGG SHOOT this year? What day is it and how do I get registration form? GHD

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    (1/8/03 2:49:45 am)
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    Couldn't tell ya GD. What is an egg shoot all about?

    What if there be a baby chicken in the egg
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    shooter45 us
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    (1/8/03 11:12:57 am)
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    Our gun club usually has an egg shoot as a tie breaker. One shot at an egg at 435 yds.

    Try that with your AR-15, Warpig. It has broken a few eggs.

    Groundhog Devastation
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    (1/8/03 4:12:51 pm)
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    The Egg Shoot is held each spring in Hickory NC and is open to anyone who wants to shoot. Shooting is done from any position you want to use except NO BENCHS! You can use bipods from prone position or anything you want to use but you don't use a BENCH. Most everyshooter is a varmint hunter or accuracy nut(I fit Both categories!) You fire 3 shots at a groundhog target with squares on different parts of the body and these squares have different point values. Shots to the square on the head are worth 10 points, neck, 8 points etc. You shoot 3 shots at these targets at 100, 300, 500 yards. The Egg is 1 shot at 500 yards and is worth 50 points. PRECISION SHOOTING used to be and maybe still is one of the sponsors and you can win some really good prizes for winning! I think in the past that some of the custom action makers have donated actions as prizes. I'd like to take a Remington 700 action and win a Stolle action or maybe even a NESIKA BAY! GHD

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    (1/24/03 8:38:58 pm)
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    No, not the egg shoot, but I'm going to the Defensive SHooters Confederation Blackwater IDPA Mid-Atlantic Spring Regional match in march.

    Eighteen courses of fire, 220 minimum round count over two days. Plenty of side matches - shotgun, rifle, compact, and a 2 gun match.

    Check out for details and entry forms.

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