Need a jerky recipe

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    Need some jerky recipe's. I know most of you are packin' so lets see em'
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    what kind do you want ,spicy ,sweet ,hot ,mild

    most grocery stores are selling a wide variety of jerky spices now and most have a preservitive also ,i find that by time you buy the spices it will be more expensive than buying a spice kit

    one of my favorite ways of making jerky is to grind it to hamburger first then mix in the spice ,this eliminates any stringy peices and melts in your mouth ,and dont get stuck in you teeth

    i like terriaki ,{just the bottle stuff in the chinese food section} ,just marinate it in the sauce ,use a parchment bag or make one with a large baggie with a hole cut ,to spread it on the trays ,try it you wont be disapointed

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    Here's one that Fred uses:

    1 C worcestershire sauce
    1 C soy sauce
    1 T red pepper
    1 T onion salt
    1 T onion salt
    1 T seasoned salt
    1 t black pepper
    1/2 t liquid smoke (more if you want)
    have meat sliced thin remove all fat cover with marinade (make extra batches until you have enough) soak at least 24 hours in fridge put in dehydrator on high 12 hours or till done

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    I've got my sixth batch of jerky since opening day in the dehydrator now, I mass produce the stuff, it gets eaten so fast.

    I cut up the jerky, enough to fill all 5 trays of the dehydrator, then put the meat in a tupperware dish.

    I like it medium thickness, my son likes it thick, rest like it paper thin, so I mix it up when I'm trimming. I like big pieces too, so I "butterfly" alot of it so it's wide...a good fillet knife works wonders.

    I "skin" all the meat so it's not so tough, you know trim all the white stuff off it, and get rid of all the fat too...

    I dump in a bunch of soy sauce, some durkees, a touch of tabasco, then seasoning salt, garlic salt and alot of black pepper.

    Nothing scientific about it, just dump and experiment. I used to "marinade" overnight too, but found it makes no difference.

    I mix it up real good then load the dehydrator, let dry either overnight, or about 12 hours.

    And grab it when it's done, it disappears fast!

    One batch I mistook the "Pour" end of the black pepper can for the "sift" end and dumped in about half a can.

    It tasted like the "Pepper Jerky" you buy in the store, actually pretty darn good, but too much gave me heartburn one day!

    You CANNOT screw up jerky...I've done it with nothing but salt and pepper, to A1, teriyaki, worcestireshire, habenero sauce, garlic powder, white pepper, to Cajun or creole mix, and even Jamaican jerk powder, among other stuff.
    I go through the spice cupboard all the time looking for new stuff to dump in.


    Just dump, mix, and enjoy!
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    oh hey wow mon you got any mo dat Jamacian Jerk powder? I think I remember that stuff once. . . .