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(10/4/02 10:20:25 am)
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Hey all

I'm at that point where I want to reload. If I go thru the effort to start I would want to reload both rifle and pistol (.45,.44, 30-06, 8mm, 7.62 nagant). My problem is a lack of space. I need a system that I can put up and take down everytime I reload. I don't have the room for anything to stayput. Any suggestions?


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(10/4/02 8:15:20 pm)
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Hi colasweet, good to have you here in the TFF.

Will try to answer your question:
From the " MIDWAY " catalog, they have a easly break down loading bench, does not take up any room. Cost about 39.95 + S & H.

May I suggest the " LEE Turret Press " ( not the auto indexing one, the manual one ). It will fit on the stand from Midway. It will load everything from 9mm to 458Win Mag. I know, because I have loaded these rounds. Also capable of loading 44mag, 38 spec, 357 mag, 357 sig, 45acp, 45 lc, 30-30, 45/70, 35Rem, 444Marlin & 50AE. I load these rounds also. Cost is about 49.95 + S&H.

The hole thing, bench and loading machine will fit into something the size of a very large box ( 24inches X 24 Inches )

Hope this helps in some small way.


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(10/4/02 8:54:22 pm)
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Lee has a starter kit with everything that you need for about $75. You can keep it in the box. Just drill a few holes in the kitchen table for mounting purposes. ( Dont tell the wife...its more fun if she notices herself first.) Dont start with the Lee manual though, get the hornady or the Sierra. swede
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(10/5/02 2:43:19 pm)
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(10/7/02 3:07:26 am)
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I just shot screws with washers on 'em into the table. It doesn't leave as big a mark.

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(10/9/02 2:42:49 pm)
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- guys have kitchen tables? Cool...


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(10/16/02 4:00:31 am)
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If you are really really tight for space you could try a Lee hand press. The best way might to be to get a Lee Anniversary Kit and supplement it with the hand press, and that way you would have a 'regular press' to use if your situation improves.

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(10/16/02 3:52:19 pm)
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I would also suggest the Lee Anniversary kit. It is light, can be stored in the box it comes in, and has everything you really need to get started. The other members of this board helped me reach the decision to order the kit. I am on a temporary assingment and also live in an apartment with no room to keep a reloader set up. I have two complete RCBS set-ups at my home in Arkansas and I needed something I could set-up and take down when needed. I am going to build storage box/loading bench combinatin and attach the said box the wall in the garage. When not in use, the press will be removed from the bench and stored in the box. The bench then serves as the door for the box. The box will be about 24X24 inches and 6 inches deep. There will be shelves in the box for the scales, powder measure, stand, press and press handle. I will purchase a plastic tools box from Wal-Mart or Lowes to store powder, dies, primers, and the little tools necessary for reloading. Then when it is time to move. Take four screws out of the wall and away you go. Complete portable reloading bench will very little space required. Hope this helps.

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(11/29/02 12:46:19 pm)
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I have an old oak dressor in my extra bedroom/pc room/office/reloading room
mounted all my reloading stuff to this unit,now its a reloading table,quickly breaks down and hides when landlord comes for rent check lol
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