need ammo help...

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply need ammo help....
    would WOLF .45 acp ammo be ok to use in my .45? the mil spec springfield. ive used WOLF in my SKS with no problems.

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    Reply Not accepted at some ranges.
    Due to the fact that Wolf contains a fair amount of steel, and therefore tends to ricochet, a number of indoor ranges do not allow customers to shoot it. I posted a question about Sellier and Bellot ammo, and have had a couple of positive replies. S&B is very inexpensive, and according to my local range it doesn't pose the same prtoblem as Wolf.

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    Reply well.......
    well i couldnt give a flying rats @$$ about ricochets, the backstop is soft. what im MOST worried about is the laquer crap gumming up my springfield. i paid a LOT of money for that thing ($551 total after CA fees) and wolf is a HELL of a lot cheaper than any other .45 acp ammo on sale. $6.99 vs $11.98 wolf ammo good for springfield mil spec?

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    Reply Wolf ammo
    My gun shop stopped selling Wolf ammo, too many malfunctions and split casings.
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    Reply ammo
    I shot about 100 rnds of Wolf through my .45 w/out a problem. The shells, however, were inconsistent in height. Poor QC either in bullet grain or bullet seating in the case.

    I didn't pay much for my gun...but steel (case or bullet)is much harder on the chamber and barrel than brass (IMHO). I don't shoot Wolf anymore...not worth it in the long run. I want my gun to remain as accurate as possilbe for as long as I now shoot only brass. B & S is good and I've heard that Fiocchi is okay. For some, even these low end brass rounds aren't good enough.

    This is where reloading is so effective in the long run.

    Wolf might be okay for occasional plinking; but if you're going to run lots of rnds through the gun I would recommend brass. If you're an occassional plinker, a few extra bucks for brass won't be that big a deal anyway.

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