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    Aug 18, 2005
    howdy folks ....... well after 30 i finally have my grand dads gun my uncle felt the gun was unsafe so he threw away the parts i need to have a complete gun :confused: ....(i,am 38 years old ) spanish made eibar double star on bottom ... i think that it is a 32 cal it also hass a AA by the back of the grip i am looking need the barrel and the clip .... i will probitally never shoot it, but it was my granddads and it means the world to me .... hope someone can help thanx david
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    Hi dviant.........welcome to TFF.

    Unfortunately, there were literally hundreds of small firearms makers (it was really a cottage industry there) in the Eibar Region of Spain in the 1910-1930s era making various inexpensive pistols and revolvers.......and their parts were seldom interchangeable.

    The pistols were usually of the "Ruby" type, and the revolvers were frequently copies of the Colts and Smith & Wessons of the era.

    The chances of finding any parts that fit your particular pistol are pretty slim.

    But.......if you can post some clear pictures of it, and give us all of the markings on the gun, perhaps we can identify it for you.
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