Need cylinder for Colt New Frontier SA .22LR

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Reply Need cylinder for Colt New Frontier SA .22LR
    I purchased a used mid 1960's Colt New Frontier .22LR the other day. The previous owner sold his car and forgot the gun was in his trunk (for the last 5 years). He retrieved it from the car dealer and I bought it for $125. The frame, case hardening and ancilliaries are in good shape, but the cylinder is deeply fouled with corrosion on the exterior. The chambers are shiny and smooth. I brushed the cylinder and now it looks like polished corrosion. The gun actually shoots well and the gaps measure within tolerance.

    I would like to replace the cylinder because it looks junky, does anyone know where I can obtain a replacement?


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    Try this link.
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