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(5/23/02 8:37:54 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Need help choosing a handgun...
I need a little help choosing a handgun...I will be using it as my concealed handgun but I will also use it for home protection...
My top 3 choices would be the Sig Sauer P239 (.357 or .40), Kahr MK40 (.40), or the glock 27 (.40)...I'll probably end up getting night sites on what ever I get also...
At the moment I'm leaning toward the Sig but The glock is also right up there...let me know what you guys think...thanks

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(5/23/02 10:26:06 pm)
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I have a G27, great little gun. Can buy an aftermarket bbl and switch back and forth between 40 and 357. I'm sure you can with the Sig also.

All three are great guns, can't go wrong choosing any of them. Choose the one that fits you best/you shoot best.
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(5/24/02 10:07:07 pm)
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Re: Need help choosing a handgun...
Have owned or have experience with all three of your choices and all are excellent. My impression of each-
SIG239-Really made an impression on me though I'm not as gung-ho on SIGs as my buddy Tennessee Boomerang. Very
accurate, light, consistent trigger, adequate grip and easy to carry.
Kahr Mk40- Accurate performer and good shooter. Heavier than I like and trigger is in the 7-11lb range (more than I like). The grip was short for my meathooks. Otherwise I liked the the gun and with the right holster is a solid carry weapon.
G27- Had the G23 and was not very accurate with it, but went to the G27 for more carry options. The short grip beat me up on the range and did nothing to improve accuracy. However, in saying that- I like the Glocks (they're no-brainers), and have found happiness in the G32- and with the 357sig round. Accuracy abounds.
In going through this dissertation, my preference would
be the Sig239 or the Glock 32 or 33 in the 357sig cartridge.
The ballistics are better and the price of ammo are about the same. However, Amale is right and my preferences don't mean squat. Find the gun that shoots best for you. Hopefully, you can find a gun club or range that allows you to test or rent guns to fire. That will help with your selection.

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(5/30/02 3:28:53 pm)
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Welcome Mrfitness, I hope you enjoy our board. I would also look into the Para Ordnance Companion. It is their new carry gun. I have handled one and it fits the hand beautifully.

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(5/30/02 5:18:04 pm)
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Re: Need help choosing a handgun...
Welcome Aboard Mrfitness!

I've been thinking about getting a Para P-10 in
stainless, not sure how reliable that model is
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