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    Hi folks, I am very new to this and I ask your help. I was given a muzzleloader and the only identifying mark I can find is a "bee" (like a honey bee) and the wings of the "bee" have L and G stamped on it's wings. Any idea of who the manufacturer is? I can provide pictures if that will help.

    Thanks, John

    Thanks to the black powder forum, I have id'd the mfg. as "Georges LaLoux" (...sounds frenchy to me...) I still do not know the model, or the value. If fact, I don't know the "caliber", but the ID of the barrel is 7/8" and OD is 1 1/8". Much of the hardware seems to be brass insted of iron. I think it is a military version so it probably hasn't seen much action...? I posted pic.s (not good ones tho...) on the "Ask the Pros Forum". Any thoughts??

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