Need Help with a B-Square Scope Mount

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by MichiganShootist, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Need Help with a B-Square Scope Mount (Problem Solved)

    I have a B-Square scope mount on an SKS. It's the type with a rail on top and a "body" which fits over the receiver. There is a threaded bolt which goes through the receiver via the receiver cover pin tab opening.

    I cannot manage to get the bolt which is threaded on one end or the other (I think on the left ????) out of the gun. There is a screw which fits in both ends of the bolt ... so it has interior threads on both ends.

    This mount is apparently not made any more and I have Googled for hours looking for help.

    Any of you have first had experience with this mount??? Right now I'm just soaking it in penetrating oil hoping that will loosen it up.


    I just drilled it out. The mount is trashed but I didn't want it any way.
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    send a picture of it. I've seen some oddball mounts, maybe its one we've dealt with before

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