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need info on an old belgian bul dog

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I was given an old pistol. No markings on barrel only proof marks are on the frame in front of the cylinder.Proofs on the right side; Proof on top is a crown over R. Proof under it is a crown over C. last proof on bottom is a star over B.On the left side of the frame in front of the cylinder is a crown over ML. On the bottom is .380 cal. On the cylinder, which is 5 rounds. in back is circle ELG star over B and either 31 or 34. What I do assume is that the crown r is Belgian pistol rifled. the inspector was star B who worked for house Liege from 1929-1949 and it was made by Manufacture Leigeoise D'armas. that it is a .380 caliber. What I want to know is what the second crown C is and could it be that it was confiscated during war and star B then inspected it. Gun Product Brown Firearm White

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