Need missing parts identified, if possible.

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by Reverend, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Aug 6, 2008
    After alot of online research I've finally identified this revolver as best as possible for a Hopkins & Allen handgun. I've hit up to try and find what parts are missing, but they're parts listing and potential image for the XL Double Action is not at all like this one. So I'm come to you folks with pics, to see if you can help me identify the missing components.

    Firstly, the problem itself. The trigger, when pulled, stays pulled back and the cylinder will not advance. I can pull it forward by hand and it will click into place to allow for pulling it back again, but it will not do this for itself. Being no stranger to tinkering I decided to take it apart and see if I could ferret out the problem, and fix it if at all possible. What I have discovered is that some parts appear to be missing entirely, including one pin and a spring. I do have the forward trigger spring, but the spring for the rebound, to advance the cylinder, is missing. Along with what I imagine to be one perhaps two additional parts that I am unable to identify.

    So, on to the pics.

    This is the revolver minus the trigger guard (and no, nothing fell out when I removed the trigger guard), cylinder, and cylinder pin, that also illustrates the location of the pin that was already missing.

    And this is a closeup from beneath the pistol, showing the big empty space just behind the trigger.

    I think I've illustrated things as well as I am able. Based on the aforementioned parts list ( found HERE ) it appears that the potentially missing parts are the lever, the lever spring, and the hammer fly. This is just an uneducated guess of course. Which is why I'm here to ask someone who knows more than me.
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    Apr 9, 2008
    yes, it's a Hopkins & Allen. One of the "XL" series. I don't know if the parts listed for a .32 would fit your revolver or not. H&A also made this model in .38 cal. and I don't know if the parts are the same or not.

    I think the missing part is the hammer rebound, No.13 in the parts list (for the .32 or .38). The rebound pivots upon the missing pin. When the trigger returns under spring tension, the back of the trigger pushes against the front of the rebound giving it leverage. The back of the rebound will lever upon the back of the hammer, this will push the hammer back enough so that the firing pin will be lifted away from the cylinder. This arrangement is also found in some Belgian revolvers.

    The lever spring (hand spring) can be made from thin spring steel.

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