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I posted my old squires bingham model 20a .22LR on a local firearm for sale website... I explained everything that was wrong with it, and I had somebody get in contact with me. They asked me what I wanted, So I told them I was going to start off around $100 and he could talk me down... Well 10 minutes went by and he answered back. He said he found an old S&B with 2 mags (mine doesnt have a mag.) for $50 online. I told him to make an offer. Well another 10 minutes goes by, and he offers me $20 for it. I feel like im being ripped for $20 and i know my gun isnt in the greatest condition, but I feel as if its worth at least alittle bit more than that. Do you guys think i'd be taking a loss? Should I hang onto it? Should I let it go?
My first impression is that this person is trying to get something for nothing, but then you have given us no idea what the condition is of your gun. Please desribe in detail if you want an informed answer.
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