Need some info on Winchester190....

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  1. Lady Ruger

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    Sep 17, 2012
    Southern Utah
    Hi Guys!
    A neighbor just gave my husband a Winchester Model 190, (or he says thats the model) and I am just wondering how old it my be.
    B1707604 is the number on it, the only other marking is a tiny oval that has a "P" over top of a "W"and under the "w" is what looks to be an inverted T under the w. The Butt of the stock says Winchester, but there are no other markings that I can find.
    As far as condition, it has some issues, it was REALLY dirty and we cleaned it up, the stock was really, really dry and I have wiped it down with JoJoba oil just to put some moisture back in the wood. Right on top of the barrel right behind the rear sight, there is some rust, not really too bad, but we will probably take it to our Gunsmith to have it gone over and see if he can "fix" that and reBlue it.
    He said he "modified" it into a "takedown", and he show my husband how to break it down. He does a lot of hikeing, and could put it in his backpack so that it was kept out of sight.
    He just said he had too much stuff and wanted to find a good home for it.
    As I said, I am just wondering how old it may be. More than likely it will just be a plinker for us to practice with. Hubby has a brand new Mini 14 and a 10/22 for his "serious shooting". :p

  2. twobit

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    Sep 15, 2010
    I acquired mine new in 1972. I just shot three racoons with it last night. It is my go-to varmit gun at the ranch. Can't help you on the age by serial number, but they were a popular 22 rifle in the seventies. Other than taking the shoulder stock off I don't see how you can make it into a takedown ???? As for if it is a model 190, that will be stamped on top of the barrel. It is a semi-auto tube fed rifle. If yours isn't then it is not a 190.
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