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(1/14/03 11:44:43 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All NEF rifle owners?
Are there any out there?

I'm seriously looking into these guns. Some of it seems just a little to good to be true.

What expiriences are you having with these? Particularly accuracy tests. Sandbags, scope and on paper groups kind of test of the guns accuracy.

I've read about the switch barrel proposition and it sounds like a fair deal. Does anybody else use this say switching between the varmit special and a 44 mag or something similar? Does the scope come off with the barrel or do you have to sight in again every time?

What did it cost you by the time ya send the barrel in and get it back? shipping and handling both ways, barrel price, fitting fees?

Appreciate any comments from first hand, "I own it or I seen it with my own eyes" kind of expiriences.
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(1/25/03 1:32:28 am)
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Re: NEF rifle owners?
I recently bought one in .17 HMR. Haven't had a chance to really test it yet, the doggone weather has been down to 0-10 degrees since I got it . The barrels have a Weaver mount fastened to them so you won't have to remove the scope to change barrels. One thing that I appreciated was that they included a hammer extention in the box. You definitely need this to cock the rifle with a scope mounted. I had to use Weaver medium height rings in order for the hammer to clear the scope.

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(1/25/03 9:37:37 am)
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I have heard both good and bad regarding their accuracy. Make sure you get a quality scope and make sure that the mounting screws are locktited. The constant snapping cosed of the barrel will mess up a cheap scope.

A friend of mine got a deal from them. It was a 22 hornet, 30-30, and a 20 gauge shotgun barrel. All intermatching...came in a cloth roll up type case that would fit right behing the seat of the truck. he liked it a lot.

Would probably cover about anything you might run into on the east side of the river.

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