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(1/13/03 12:56:50 pm)
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WARNING !! NEF RIFLE OWNERS / Read and Pass the word!
I was shooting my new NEF Sportsman in .17HMR off a bench using my Harris Bipod. After firing I just lifted up on the reciever and pressed the release button to open the action to reload. After firing a shot I lifted up on the reciever and it
OPENED! I did not press the release button. I had no indication that anything was wrong as I shot. What would have happened if I were shooting a centerfire cartridge? Kinda makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up !
I noticed that on my particular rifle, that I had to close it firmly to be sure that it latched. I don't mind the rifle being a tight fit, It will break in with use.

The MAIN POINT here is that if you use an NEF rifle , BE SURE to lift it up OFF any support that you are using. This will allow the weight of the barrel and forend to pull the barrel open if it does NOT latch. I am going to contact the company about this but how do you warn people that already own one of these rifles? I'm sure that a lot of people are shooting these off a bench.
I don't consider this to be a flaw in the design of this rifle. This can happen with any break action gun (shotgun or rifle) under the same conditions. Again, PICK THE RIFLE UP TO MAKE SURE THE BARREL IS LOCKED IN THE CLOSED POSITION. You cannot tell if it is locked, if the barrel is being supported!

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(1/13/03 1:52:24 pm)
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Good point, Mauser45 - thanks for the heads-up. I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there owning the Marlin NEF single shots, in addition to other single shot firearms.

The Thompson Center Contenders and Encores will not fire until they are completely locked up and in battery. Perhaps Marlin should take a look at these and see if they can't work something similar out with T/C.
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